Helsinki Rockettes and Team Unique will go to Worlds


Team Unique (left) and Helsinki Rockettes will represent Finland at Senior Worlds 2024. (Credits: Ville Vairinen - 2024)

In the most important competition of the Finnish synchronized skating season, the Helsinki Rockettes succeeded excellently. Their powerful program "Manaus (Incantation)" received 153.38 points, and they earned 230.65 overall scores. This result secured them the gold medals, and they will be Team Finland 1 in the Senior World Championships next April. Team Unique was appointed as Team Finland 2.

ADV picture
Helsinki Rockettes and Team Unique will represent Finland at the forthcoming world championships in Croatia. As we explained recently, qualification for the Worlds took place this weekend for the Seniors, and the Helsinki Rockettes didn't have to worry too much, winning both the short program and the free skate to secure their place. For the second team, the competition was a little tighter. 

Marigold IceUnity finished their season, claiming the silver medals. There were no mistakes in the free program “Aliens,” which brought them 149.58 points. They got a total score of 221.54. 

Team Unique had to settle for third place. A fall in the Group Lift and problems in the Pivoting Block cost a lot, and they earned only 139.71 points for their free program “Lacrime d´Amore,” finishing 214.26 points overall. However, the failure was mitigated by announcing the nomination for the Worlds.

Lumineers also suffered one fall in the Synchronized Spin Element, and they couldn´t achieve a perfect performance of their program “Taivaiden valloitus – Conquest of the Heavens”. The audience encouraged them as enthusiastically as all the teams during the competition, and they finished in fourth place with a total score of 202.01 points. Their free program brought them 131.83 points.

Marigold IceUnity performed a stunning free program! (Credits: Ville Vairinen - 2024)

Vally Bay Synchro claimed gold
In the Junior competition, the gold medals were fought for really hard.  Despite fierce encouragement and a successful performance, Dream Edges had to give up their championship dream by a difference of only 0.15 points. Valley Bay Synchro took the first position, earning 123.43 points for their “Little Mermaid” free program. They won the gold medals by a total score of 193.68.
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“My Home” was the theme of the free program of Dream Edges Junior. The jury gave it 120.28, bringing the final score to 193.53 points.

Team Fintastic finished in third place after a free program, “Glamorous 1920.” It was worth 109.51 points. One fall reduced the result, and they were quite far from the top two, earning a total score of 176.78.  

Team Mystique placed fourth. They did a great job improving their performance during the season. The free program “Ode to Friendship” earned 109.29 points, and their overall result was 171.82.