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Podcast is your new show exclusively devoted to synchronized skating. Twice a month, Tiia (she is on the left), Ria (she is the one on the right) and their guests (they are not on the photo because it should always be updated) talk about synchro in all its forms. Competitions, training, what happens behind the scenes, all themes are discussed. You can also listen to it on as many platforms as possible: Apple Podcast, Spotify, and YouTube (for those who want to have the images that go with it).
Usually, it comes out on Saturdays at noon - Paris time (so it means 6 am in Montreal, 1 pm in Helsinki, 10 pm in Sydney. But sometimes it's at another time!) So not to miss anything, the best is to subscribe and follow our exclusive Insta account.
Enjoy listening to the Jura Synchro Podcast! (and thanks for reading this entire text, you win a dragon ride for you and your family... just kidding)


You can, of course, subscribe to all three
(and thus listen to each episode 3 times.... or more ... BECAUSE HERE... THERE ARE NO LIMITS!)