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Munich Synergy, Mixed Age champion 2017 in Besan├žon

The 2017 International Mixed Age Trophy took place in France on Saturday. Fourteen teams from all over Europe took up the challenge. The gold medal went to the German team Munich Synergy, the silver was for Frost Fairies and the bronze for Olimpia Team.

Mixed Age Trophy 2017: more and more teams registered

Organized at the end of April in Besançon (FR), the Mixed Age Trophy has found the right formula. The competition is reserved for Mixed Age teams from all over the world. Just over a month before the competition, already 15 teams are registered.

Second competition for the French teams N2 in Lyon

The second round of the N2 Nationals in France also called « Confluence Cup », took place last Sunday in the city of Lyon. A total of 22 teams from France but also Italy and Switzerland, separated into 7 different categories, competed on the ice.

The Mixed Age category honored in Basel

The best Mixed Age teams from the whole Europe were gathered in Switzerland this weekend. This year, the international Mixed Age Trophy 2016 was organized in the city of Basel. 14 teams from 5 different countries were engaged. The victory went to the Swiss Snowflakes, Italy won the silver medal and France the bronze.

Trophy de la Reine Mathilde 2016

The city of Caen was the French and Belgium synchronized skating’s kingdom. The Trophy de la Reine Mathilde was held this weekend, in the Caen La Mer ice rink, France. 35 teams from France and Belgium participated in many categories.