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Russia swept all ISU gold medals at the 2019 Budapest Cup

This past week, the 2019 Budapest Cup took place in the Hungarian capital. The Russian teams showed once again their skills and won gold in all divisions. This important event was one of the last competitions of the season before the World Championships.

What happened in the 2019 German Championships this weekend?

Multiple-time German Champions Team Berlin 1 returned to competition in style this weekend, taking a strong lead at the 2019 National Championships in Berlin. Junior, Novice, Mixed Age, Adult, Juvenile and Basic Novice also battled for top spots. 

Canada, Russia, USA and Finland on the podium in Salzburg

For the Junior and Senior divisions, the 2018 Mozart Cup took place on Friday and Saturday in the scenic city of Salzburg in Austria. Les Suprêmes (CAN) bring home two medals, in gold and bronze. Teams from Russian, from the USA, and Finland completed the podiums. 

Team Berlin 1 earned its 23rd consecutive national title in Frankfurt

Last weekend, the German teams competed at their national championships in Frankfurt am Main. In Senior and Junior divisions, Team Berlin took once again the gold medal. Skating Graces did the best score in Novices.

The first results of the season in Compiègne

Last Saturday, October 28, 2017 marked the beginning of the season for six teams from France, Germany and Great Britain. The competition, based only on the short program, took place in Compiègne in an ice rink just reopened after major renovations.

First competition in France at the Masters in Compiègne

This is the first competition this Saturday for six teams from France but also from Germany and the United Kingdom. Three nations and three categories are represented: Novice Advanced, Senior N1, and Junior N1. This first event is only based on the short program. For the free program, the teams have the opportunity to present their work to the judges on Sunday.

3 days of intense competition at Budapest Cup

After two days of synchro competitions, the Budapest Cup 2017 continues on Sunday in the Hungarian capital. Almost 60 teams from 14 different countries are skating this weekend in Budapest. Discover the results! 

Ten countries, three medalists at the 2017 French Cup

Like a Saturday night fever. 13 Senior teams took part in the 2017 French Cup Free Event. For the competitors, the goal was to improved their rankings. Russia and Finland dominated the competition.

Team Paradise finished 1st after the short

French Cup 2017: Thirteen Senior teams skated their free program on Friday evening. The Russian Team Paradise did the best score with a total of 72.68 points. Two teams from Finland complete this provisional podium.

German Championships 2016: Team Berlin and Skating Graces on the podium

Erika-Heß-Eisstadion in Berlin hosted last weekend the German national championships. Senior, Junior and Novice teams tried to catch the gold. Find out the summary of this competition.

2016 National Championships in Germany

That was the weekend that the german teams excepted for one year. German national championships 2016 took place in Berlin. The competition was organized during four days because all ice disciplines - like pairs, ice dance, and individuals - were represented.