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Switzerland wants to build a new senior team

A wind of renewal began to blow in Switzerland after the dissolution of the Cool Dreams Senior this year. Under the leadership of Yara Rossi, 25 years old, athletes from across the country will meet in a few weeks to discuss a new project.

With a narrow lead, Paradise confirm their World title

And the gold... for Team Paradise! The Russian team won on Saturday night the ISU Seniors World Synchronized Skating Championships in Colorado Springs, USA. The Finnish Marigold Ice Unity took the silver medal at a few tenths of a point and the Canadian Nexxice received the bronze.

Paradise, MIU and Rockettes on the provisional World podium

The ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships opened this Friday in Colorado Springs (USA) and the 24 participating teams presented their short programs on Friday evening. Team Paradise (RUS) is currently first, Marigold Ice Unity and Rockettes from Finland are respectively ranked second and third.

The Swiss Cup 2017 took place in Widnau

Teams from Switzerland, Italy and Germany skated this weekend in Sportzentrum Aegeten, Widnau. This competition was also the Swiss national championships. 

Ten countries, three medalists at the 2017 French Cup

Like a Saturday night fever. 13 Senior teams took part in the 2017 French Cup Free Event. For the competitors, the goal was to improved their rankings. Russia and Finland dominated the competition.

Team Paradise finished 1st after the short

French Cup 2017: Thirteen Senior teams skated their free program on Friday evening. The Russian Team Paradise did the best score with a total of 72.68 points. Two teams from Finland complete this provisional podium.

Cup of Berlin: Finland and the USA collected the medals

One of the first international competitions of the season took place this weekend in Germany. The Berlin Cup featured Junior and Senior teams from across Europe and USA. Finland and the United States of America have each won 3 medals.

Skyliners and Marigold: 1st after the shorts in Berlin

On Friday evening, 17 Juniors and Senior teams have warmed the German ice rink. The Cup of Berlin lived the ISU short programs. Skyliners from the USA and the Finnish Marigold IceUnity are for the moment atop of the competition.

Wishes from all over the world

In this festive season, synchro skaters are spending some time with their family and take this opportunity to relax and recover before the international competitions. Before going to holidays, teams sent great pictures to the community.

For 11 teams, the season started this weekend in Lyon

On Saturday, October 22nd, 11 teams from Switzerland, Great Britain, and France competed on the Charlemagne ice rink in Lyon, France. It was the first occasion for many of them to show their new programs.

An original fund-raising activity

An original way to continue to skate. Sophie Wiedmer, a team member of the Swiss Senior Cool Dreams launched a fund-raising activity on Internet. Her goal is to find 9'000 Swiss francs in 80 days. The challenge is open !

These teams who participate in WSSC 2016 -part 2/2-

Worlds 2016 are getting real for 26 senior teams around the planet. This long-awaited competition will take place from 7 to 9 April in Budapest, the capital of Hungary. A few days before the event, you should know who are these qualified teams.