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The gold medal for Nexxice Senior in Dumfries

There was not a free seat in the second day of the Trophy D’Ecosse in Dumfries, Scotland. Saturday was the culmination of the Junior and Senior events and as predicted, Nexxice Senior took away the gold medal earning 125.52 points in their free programme and a total score of 189.62 points.

Trophy D'Ecosse starts on Friday with the short programmes

5 Senior teams and 4 Junior teams skated their short programmes on Friday afternoon at the Trophy D’Ecosse in Dumfries, Scotland on the first of day of the 3-day ISU competition. The rink was packed out with only standing room available by the time the Senior teams skated and the Canadian team, Nexxice, are currently in the lead with 64.10 points earned in their short programme.

Porter Recap: Senior Division

Over the past weekend, 179 teams came from all over the United States to compete at the 21st annual Dr. Richard Porter Synchronized Classic in Ann Arbor, Michigan at the Ice Cube. Year after year, Porter ranks in as the biggest non-qualifying competition of the season. Ann Arbor’s quaint college town charm welcomes teams near and far to one of the most exciting events in American synchronized skating.

Off the U.S. West Coast, the 2016 Anaheim ICE Synchronized Fall Classic

Let's go to California for one of the first U.S. competition this season. Anaheim ICE Synchronized Fall Classic gathered around twenty American teams. Relive this unforgettable competition day.

Trophy d’Ecosse 2016 in Dumfries, Scotland

It was the 5th edition for the Trophy d’Ecosse. The international competition took place this weekend (12th - 14th February) in Scotland and gathered teams all over the UK, but also from USA, Spain, or Australia.

Many teams competed in the mild weather of Anaheim

Over 40 American teams presented their work in the State of California. The 15th Annual Anaheim Ice Synchronized Team Championships took place on the Anaheim ice. This event made up of several categories. These are specific to this country. A few participated teams are members of the US international selection pool.