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The classic Dr. Porter competition was anything but ordinary. Teams came with their game faces and a passion to make the podium. Teams made history by showing off their new programs for the season, and came with a fire that is not going to fade out anytime soon. Their flame is only growing and with this being many teams second competition of the season, it was a very impressive one.

2017 #PorterSynchro Recap

This past weekend, the 22nd Annual of the Dr. Porter Classic Synchronized Skating competition took place this weekend. For many skaters, Porter is their favorite competition and one they look forward to the whole year. Porter is also looked at as a mini nationals where teams not only from the Midwest are there, but the East and Pacific coast teams.

Off the U.S. West Coast, the 2016 Anaheim ICE Synchronized Fall Classic

Let's go to California for one of the first U.S. competition this season. Anaheim ICE Synchronized Fall Classic gathered around twenty American teams. Relive this unforgettable competition day.