Berlin is ready!

From this Friday, the Cup of Berlin will host 27 teams from all over the world. The local formation, Team Berlin 1, will try to keep their place in the Senior podium.

Ann Arbor hosted the 21st Annual Porter Classic

The city of Ann Arbor, Michigan, has had the honor to host the 21st Annual Porter Classic last weekend. Discover the results of this important competition in the U.S. 

A whole bunch of new programs presented at the NECC

The city of Marlborough, near Boston, hosted fifteen synchro teams this weekend from the USA but also from Canada and Finland. The victory went to Team Unique (FIN), Lexettes, Star Mates, Ice Mates and Mini Mates (USA).

Welcome to the synchro family #NECC !

A new competition is born in the USA. The New England Challenge Cup (#NECC) is about to welcome synchro teams in less than one month. The event will be held in Marlborough near Boston from 14 to 15 October 2016.

Junior World Challenge Cup 2016

The most expecting competition for Juniors took place this weekend (11-12 March 2016) in Zagreb, Croatia. Twenty teams from the whole world were skating for a medal at the 2016 ISU World Junior Challenge Cup. Canada won the gold, Finland took the second place and Russia earned the bronze medal.

These Junior teams already qualified for Zagreb

Only a few days before the ISU Junior World Challenge Cup 2016 in Zagreb, Croatia. The top world's teams will take the chance to compete in this most important junior competition. The event is set for March 11-12. While some countries organize now their national championships, other teams are already qualified.

French Cup 2016 and his champions

What an intense weekend in France! French Cup took place in Rouen on 5th and 6th Feb 2016. 7 Novice Advanced, 11 Junior teams, and 12 Senior presented their programs. They were representing Finland, Russia, USA, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Turkey and France.

Wonderful weekend at the 2016 Leon Lurje Trophy

Many synchronized skating teams kick off their international season this weekend at Leon Lurje Trophy 2016 in Gothenburg, Sweden. 9 advanced novice teams, 8 junior teams and 7 senior teams from Finland, Sweden, USA, Japan, and Latvia competed for medals.

Porter Classic 2015 - 160 teams, an incredible competition

20th annual Dr. Richard Porter Classic is one of the largest competitions of the season in the U.S. This competition takes place this weekend (4 - 6, Dec 2015) at Ann Arbor, a city in the state of Michigan. More than 160 teams compete during 3 days.

Many teams competed in the mild weather of Anaheim

Over 40 American teams presented their work in the State of California. The 15th Annual Anaheim Ice Synchronized Team Championships took place on the Anaheim ice. This event made up of several categories. These are specific to this country. A few participated teams are members of the US international selection pool.