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The very first clues about the new programs

Several senior teams have started to unveil their program themes for the upcoming season. One month away from their first competition, Finnish teams have been the most communicative.

Elite 12: What are these coaches thinking?

The ISU has announced its decision to try out next winter the Elite 12 project, a competition with teams of 12 skaters. In a recent article of the Finnish Figure Skating Association, the coaches of the Finnish senior teams say they are open to the project, but also with slight doubts.

How TikTok highlights synchronized skating

There are more and more synchronized skating videos on TikTok. Famous synchro teams create accounts and share their daily lives and training.

The Helsinki Rockettes confirmed their lead in a thrilling event

On Sunday morning, the four ISU senior teams from Finland presented with emotions their free program in a competition specially organized by the Finnish Skating Association.

The Helsinki Rockettes are first after the Short Programs

This weekend, the Finnish Skating Association is organizing a special competition allowing ISU senior teams to compete once again in this very special season. Discover the first results!

Team Unique (FIN): "The hopes are now for the coming season"

A few days before presenting their programs in a special live event, the captains of Team Unique, one of the most important Finnish teams, talk about this remarkable season, their fears, and their hopes for the future.

Team Unique (FIN): "Constant uncertainty has been tiring"

The Finnish Senior team Team Unique is one of the best-synchronized skating teams in the world. The past year has been very challenging for all skaters around the world. Learn how the team is dealing with this unusual situation.

Helsinki Rockettes took the victory with excellent technical skills

The second day of the first Finnish qualifications in Tampere offered great performances in every category. The final order of Seniors remained the same, but the rankings of Juniors changed, and Novices showed some great performances.

Finnish teams wow the fans during short programs

The long-awaited synchronized skating season started on a sunny Saturday in Tampere, Finland. The competition was organized according to strict safety guidelines because of the Covid-19. The arrangements for the first day went well, and both the teams and the audience were happy. Helsinki Rockettes and Team Fintastic are leading the first qualifications.

2020-21: These synchro programs that you don't know yet

North wind, goddesses, magical creatures, or even immersion in a strange reality... The Seniors and Juniors teams from Finland will compete this weekend in Tampere at the first national qualifiers of the season. Before seeing them on the ice, discover the themes of their new programs this season!

"Doing something lyrical and beautiful just felt like the right choice"

The season is about to start in Finland with the first competition expected in less than a month. The Team Unique took this opportunity to reveal its themes for the upcoming season.

Senior teams in Finland are staying focused on their training

If we look at the Finnish teams, it seems that everything has been back to normal. No masks in training, no social distancing... but the four Senior ISU teams remain cautious and take nothing for granted, especially for international events. Let's take stock of their preparation!