Marigold IceUnity and Rockettes will represent Finland in Colorado Springs

After an exciting weekend in Espoo, the Finnish Champions are now settled. It is also clear who will represent Finland in the World Synchronized Skating Championships in April. The competition has been a real nail biter and the top teams have all been very close to each other in the points.

Rockettes leads Finnish Nationals after the short programs

Saturday night culminated in Senior’s short program in Espoo Metro Arena. All the three best teams exceeded 70 points in their short program and they are within three points before the drama will continue on Sunday. Every of them has still a fair chance to win the whole competition.

Which Seniors teams from Finland will qualify to Colorado Springs?

The trial to represent Finland at the next World Championships is always a hard battle and this year even harder because any of the three best teams can be left outside the competition. Just these days, Marigold Ice Unity, Rockettes and Team Unique are putting the finishing touches to their performances.