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"A unique atmosphere filled with good performances"

The 2017 French Cup took place the first weekend in February at the L’île Lacroix arena in Rouen, France. The French Cup is known for two main reasons: it offers fierce competition from some of the world’s top teams… and it’s a major party! A wonderful way for teams from all around the world and crowds of fans to spend a weekend dancing, spectating, and competing at the Advanced Novice, Junior, and Senior levels.

After French Cup, the reactions of top Senior teams

Placed 1st and 3rd last weekend in Rouen, Team Paradise and Team Unique give their impressions after the international competition in France. The Russian team wants to maintain its leadership position and for the Finnish, the Nationals are fast approaching.

Ten countries, three medalists at the 2017 French Cup

Like a Saturday night fever. 13 Senior teams took part in the 2017 French Cup Free Event. For the competitors, the goal was to improved their rankings. Russia and Finland dominated the competition.

French Cup 2017: relive the Junior competition

The Junior teams skated their free programs on Saturday afternoon at the 2017 French Cup. The American Skyliners, who were 4th after the short programs on Friday, took the bronze. Competition’s summary.

Team Paradise finished 1st after the short

French Cup 2017: Thirteen Senior teams skated their free program on Friday evening. The Russian Team Paradise did the best score with a total of 72.68 points. Two teams from Finland complete this provisional podium.

Top rankings for the young Finnish and Russian teams in Rouen

On Friday afternoon, the famous French Cup competition started in Rouen, France. Novices Advanced skated their free program and Juniors competed with their short program.

Discover the French Cup’s draw with the 26 participating teams

French Cup: On Thursday, Feb 2, teams had the opportunity to practice on the official ice rink. Their goals were to finalize the last details before the start of the competition on Friday in Rouen.