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The beautiful story of this coach who fell in love with synchro

Kilian Madeja answered our questions while sitting in the train on his way to his office. He works and lives in the south of Germany in the city of Stuttgart (where the companies Mercedes and Porsche come from). Let's learn more about this coach!

"When my daughter skates with her teammates, she truly shines!"

Kendal and her daughter Amai discovered synchronized skating in Los Angeles during the last season. Let's meet today this skater mom new to synchro.

Ieva and Kristine, twins and synchro skaters who share the same passion

Have you ever imagined skating on the same team as your twin sister? This is what Ieva and Kristine experienced in the Team Amber team in Latvia. The interview with these two young women, now coaches, was carried out in August when they organized a skating training camp and planned a second camp in Denmark.

"It felt as if I had less opportunities because of the color of my skin"

Over the last ten years, she has toured with Disney on Ice, Royal Caribbean, and Holiday on Ice! Mariyah Gerber is a professional figure skater who co-founded a movement (FSDIA) to make ice skating a more diverse and inclusive sport! She answered our questions from her home in Southern California. Let's learn more about her!

Peter Gerome, a French skater evolving in Canada

Peter just turned twenty-six years old. He grew up in a city near Paris (France) and moved to Canada two years ago. While studying biology and geology at the University La Sorbonne in Paris and then, ecology and environment in Montréal, Peter skated and evolved in a sport where males are a few. He just started his third season with Les Suprêmes.

Jennie Mao (USA): "Skating on two teams gets hard and tiring sometimes"

OneTeamMVMT and Jura Synchro are working in partnership to highlight people in the synchro world who have unique stories to share in a new series called "Faces of Synchro". We are talking skaters, coaches, volunteers, officials, extraordinary parents... people who have unique stories to share that will inspire you. For this first episode, let's go to the USA with Jennie Mao!

Hugo Chouinard, the music magician

Six screens, audio tracks everywhere and music that is constantly playing... Welcome to the world of Hugo Chouinard, the sound designer who creates the arrangements for all the biggest synchronized skating teams. Today, we’re discovering HIS world!

1 athlete, 2 ISU teams, 4 programs

The pandemic of Covid-19 transforms our daily lives, limiting us in many ways. However, it can’t stop us from online-communication and virtual travels. Let’s mentally go to Russia and talk to Angelina Shapovalova, the team captain of Crystal Ice Junior and Crystal Ice Senior.

Simoeemil Nurmela: "Synchro skating taught me a lot of things"

He is the only male skater on the Finnish team Marigold IceUnity. Simoeemil Nurmela is our "Man of the Week". Discover this athlete through an exclusive interview!

Nadine Banholzer: "I want to pass on what I’ve learned over the years"

"The Woman of the Week" is back this season on Jura Synchro! This section explores the life and passion of different personalities in the Synchronized Skating world. Let's kick off this series with Nadine Banholzer, a Swiss athlete who moved to Canada to skate with Nexxice Senior! She's now back in Europe and she's telling us her story.

"It taught me to believe in the seemingly impossible"

Her face is known in the world of synchronized skating, but yet her story is often not known. Lisa Miadovnik is 31 years old and currently lives in Montreal, Quebec. After spending more than twenty years on the ice, she now devotes her life to encouraging the sport. It is from the comfort of her couch that she takes the time to answer our questions. 

"Team spirit is a key to success"

She is probably one of the youngest coaches of an ISU senior team competing at the world championships in April. At 23, Eva Cekanauska welcomes us to her home in Riga, Latvia to talk about her passion and about the teams under her leadership: Amber and Amberlight.