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Their "flair for the theatrical" programs make those teams a must watch

A few days ago, we introduced you to the Gold Ice teams. This organization is based in Ontario, Canada, and the teams are coached by three energetic young ladies. Today, they tell us more about their teams and their wishes for the future.

He's filming synchro to capture "what it feels like to be a skater"

Find out about Jordan Cowan's project On Ice Perspectives, a new way to see synchronized skating.

They plan to organize the event again in the fall

For its first edition, the 2021 Nacka Synchro Skate gathered 47 teams from six different countries. This virtual competition launched this season could be reorganized once again this fall.

Finland: Changes in coaching staffs for the Senior ISU teams

Maikki Merilehto is no longer the coach of the Senior team Lumineers. The Finnish coach talks about her experience and future plans.

"We will bring something new to the Olympic events"

Christopher Buchanan from Great Britain was the former Chair of the Synchronized Skating Technical Committee at the ISU. In this interview, he looks back on this very unusual season.

Team Unique (FIN): "The hopes are now for the coming season"

A few days before presenting their programs in a special live event, the captains of Team Unique, one of the most important Finnish teams, talk about this remarkable season, their fears, and their hopes for the future.

Team Unique (FIN): "Constant uncertainty has been tiring"

The Finnish Senior team Team Unique is one of the best-synchronized skating teams in the world. The past year has been very challenging for all skaters around the world. Learn how the team is dealing with this unusual situation.

Amanda Clinton: "There is a lot of work going on behind the scenes"

She's the coach of several synchro teams in Scotland, and she also loves analyzing elements when she works as an ISU Technical Specialist. Let's meet today Amanda Clinton!

"We are eager to reorganize the French Cup in 2022"

Usually, at this time of year, the city of Rouen in France turns into the synchronized skating capital of the world during the French Cup. For the first time this year, this legendary competition will not take place.

"The hard work is always worth it in the end"

We take you to Northville, Michigan (USA), to meet Anastasia Worthy, a synchro skater and law student.

Sarah Vuoppola (part 2): "We should be able to be at the same level or even better"

A few days ago, you were able to discover the story of Sarah Vuoppola, a young Swedish girl who decided to change her life to join the team of her dreams: the Helsinki Rockettes. Discover now her adventure in this new team, and her way of preparing and maintaining morale in the face of this challenging season!

Alana Christie: "I was told often in the early years that it wouldn't work"

No club, no rink, no skaters. That’s what Alana Christie faced back in 2017 when she started the Northernettes teams in the USA. The young and talented coach devoted endless passion and hard work into her dream of redeveloping high level synchronized skating in the Minneapolis area.