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Synchro teams must constantly adapt to restrictions

Since this weekend, the new curfew in the Netherlands further limits synchro teams' training. The practices were already severely affected by the restrictions.

Finland delays its synchro events but maintains them

Better late than not at all. While many teams are not allowed to skate due to Covid-19, Finland has decided to postpone its competition calendar.

Manage the time to keep the passion of synchro alive

Train solo, work, study at home, stay away from friends... The pandemic is shaking up the daily lives of many synchro skaters. Discover how Nova Junior from Canada manages the situation.

Not being able to attach at skating allowed their coach to create new drills

Meraki skates out of the Leaside Skating Club in Toronto, Ontario and has teams in multiple categories.

"I never thought I would have to cross out my last U.S. Synchro Skating Championships."

On December 9, 2020, U.S. Figure Skating released a statement announcing the cancellation of the 2021 U.S. Synchronized Skating Championships and Challenge, a pivotal moment in the careers of many graduating high school and college seniors.

Just arrived, this team already "electrifies" its category

Non-ISU categories are getting more popular in Finland also. This year, three completely new teams have been created in the Junior B division. Let's meet one of them: Team Electric who finished 2nd at their first-ever competition.

A new synchro team in Norway

Synchronized skating is developing in Norway. Created only a few months ago, Team Bergen Umbrellas becomes the second active team in the country.

The ten events that marked 2020

The coronavirus set the tone for 2020, shaking up the world of sport in general, and of course synchronized skating. Jura Synchro has put together the events that marked this special year.

Team Ladybirds (ITA): "This pandemic will not stop us!"

On March 9, 2020, the rinks closed due to COVID-19 in Italy, to limit the spread of the virus and thus protect the health of the population. What about the evolution of the situation of Team Ladybirds in Milan?

"The pandemic has made us realise how important skating is for our mental wellbeing"

There is huge interest in the Adult category in the UK. Last season 15 teams competed in this division at the British championships. Let's take a closer look at Team Ice Diamonds, the British champions 2019-2020.

5 Advent Calendar Ideas Created By Synchro Teams

Every December, synchro skating teams from around the world amaze us with their creative ideas to keep people waiting until Christmas. Here are the five best ideas this year!

"Together once", an event to connect teams

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this season’s third edition of Cup of Dresden had to be cancelled. But the organizing committee decided to offer another opportunity for teams.