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Virtual tryouts and trainings, the new reality of many synchro teams

In these difficult times, many synchro teams around the world are waiting to be back on the ice by continuing their virtual workouts. Some teams had to select new skaters for next season without seeing them on the ice. Reactions.

COVID cancelled summer camps but created new opportunities

Since the spread of the coronavirus, a big part of the world has been stopped, forcing the cancellation of all events, including the OneTeamMVMT summer camps. Working for the promotion of the sport, the organization offered fans of synchronized skating to meet in another way.

The Italian teams return gradually to training after more than two months

Life starts again slowly in Italy, one of the countries most affected by coronavirus in recent months. Since last week, some synchro teams were allowed to return to training with strict rules, while other regions will have to wait a few weeks more.

Covid-19: When will teams be able to train? Global update, country by country.

While some countries have announced a reopening of the ice rinks, allowing synchro teams to practice again and already prepare the new season, others are still waiting and remain in an uncertain situation. We propose today a world tour in some countries that count many synchro teams.

"Everyone is missing the ice so much"

Seven weeks... or almost 50 days since the rinks were closed and the British skaters were forced to put their skates away. In the UK, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is due to announce plans about England's lockdown this Sunday. Interview with Harriet, a 29 year-old synchro skater living in London.

2020 Survey: Winners, conclusions and new features

Thank you! The season 2019/2020, despite an unfortunate abrupt ending, was very rewarding and you were there once again to support us. The results of the survey showed that more and more people following the news and the work that the Jura Synchro team does. Before telling you about the winners, I would like to speak about the results of this survey and the future of Jura Synchro.

Team Lumineers awarded for the "most stylish synchro costume of the season"

The Senior team Lumineers has received a special distinction from the National Finnish Federation. The coaches Liisa Lakela and Maikki Merilehto, with the help of Henriikka Latva, have designed a simple and stylish costume for the free program "Swipe Right".

Covid-19: Learn how this team continues to practise

Have you ever thought about creating a team puzzle? Or a magazine? These very innovative ideas come from the Netherlands. The Senior Team Illumination is started off-ice training in "social distance" mode three times a week and is developing ways to stay united.

"We didn’t have time to recruit new teammates"

As the new coronavirus continues to spread, Russia has stepped up its measures to slow the pandemic's spread within its borders. Skaters of Team Paradise, the multiple national champions, try to stay positive and keep training every day.

"I stay at home, they save lives!"

As French skaters are in the middle of their sixth week of lockdown, here's an overview of how Alicia and her Senior team Zoulous facing these troubled times.

Good vibes from Great Britain, Japan and Germany

As many synchro skaters are staying at home during the Covid-19 pandemic, we're asking teams to send us their wishes. Check out this Monday's Good Vibes!

Those synchro skaters found the way to stay connected

In this very special time, synchro teams around the world are trying to find new alternatives to continue training together. Let's go to Belgium, where the skaters of Team Crystallice (Mixed Age) in Ghent have a lot of great ideas.