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Russian Nationals: Paradise and Crystal Ice Junior lead after short programs

On January 27, the Russian Nationals 2021 began in Saransk. The first competition day is always vibrant and spectacular. This year, two new teams compete for the first time, the junior Yamal and the senior Yenisei, and the junior team Aquamarine from Omsk entered the top 5.

Teams competed with their programs or by showing elements

Following in the footsteps of the Porter Classic, the Colonial Classic took place last weekend virtually.

A total of 61 teams competed on-site and virtually in Poland

Two synchronized skating competitions were held just before Christmas in Poland: the first (5th edition of the Hevelius Cup) was able to take place on-site, the second (Christmas Event) virtually brought together teams from all over the world.

More and more virtual competitions are organized

Last weekend, 11 synchro teams competed in the first-ever Italian online competition.

Tatarstan took back the gold at the 3rd stage of the Russian Cup

The 3rd stage of the Russian Cup took place in Togliatti a few days ago. Thirteen novices, ten juniors and 4 senior teams presented their programs. The competitions were really exciting and, definitely, worth watching. So, let’s see how it was!

Competition season gets underway in Spain

Last weekend, Spanish synchronized skaters kicked-off their season at the Madrid Championships. The competition, which followed strict guidelines in order to comply with the government’s Covid restrictions, was a good opportunity for teams to showcase their programs to a live panel of judges for the first time in the season.

90 teams for the first-ever synchro virtual competition!

After two days dedicated to the analysis of elements, Sunday was devoted to the virtual competition of the 2020 Porter Classic Pandemonium with the presentation of the complete programs. Teams and judges filming themselves from home, the event is historic!

Crystal Ice cracks 220 points to take Senior's competition

The 2nd stage of the Russian Cup and the Open Cup of the Urals took place in Ekaterinburg a few days ago. Previously this competition was held in Novouralsk, but the event was moved to the capital of the Urals.

Another cancellation, but two good news in exchange

The Hevelius Cup's organizing committee decided this Monday to cancel the competitions planned from 17th to 20th December due to the COVID pandemic. However, an Interclub competition and a virtual "Christmas event" have been announced instead.

Finland back on the ice this weekend

A new weekend of competitions has just ended in Finland. Interclub level teams competed on Saturday and Sunday in Jyväskylä.

Competing this season: yes, but where and how?

The coronavirus pandemic is plunging many countries and synchro teams into uncertainty. Due to the health situation, many competitions have already been postponed to the next months or even next season, leaving little opportunity for athletes to present their programs.

Helsinki Rockettes took the victory with excellent technical skills

The second day of the first Finnish qualifications in Tampere offered great performances in every category. The final order of Seniors remained the same, but the rankings of Juniors changed, and Novices showed some great performances.