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    Julia HAKALA

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    "Hi everyone! I am a former member of Team Unique, where I was skating six years. I started skating when I was four years old and my dream was to be a ice princess. I'm a student at Aalto University School of Business and my major is communication. I also work at a fitness and wellness studio and I love to work with all kinds of sport."

    What does synchronized skating mean to you?

    "Synchronized skating is a passionate way of life, that gives unbelievable experiences, memorable moments and so much love."

Last news by Julia HAKALA

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After the Short Programs, everything is still possible at the Finnish Nationals

The first day at Finnish Nationals has been really tight, exciting and full of powerful performances. On Saturday, the Senior and Junior teams have performed impressive short programs in Espoo Metro Arena. The Novice competition was also skated on Saturday.

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A fully and emotional weekend in Finland with the Second Qualifications

Helsinki Rockettes kept the leading position in Seniors on Sunday and was the winner of those second Finnish qualifications, by earning 215.46 total scores. In the Juniors, Team Mystique won the thrilling competition with 115.75 points. Finettes got the gold medal in the Novice category with 82.41 points.

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Team Unique and Team Fintastic leaders in Finland

The first National Synchronized Skating Qualification in Finland started today in Espoo. After the short programs on Saturday, Team Unique leads the Senior competition. In Juniors, Team Fintastic took the first place and Finettes is the winner of today´s Novice competition.

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After the Short, Helsinki Rockettes are leading the Finnish Nationals

The first day in Finnish nationals has been really exciting. On Saturday, the Senior and Junior teams have shown their best in Turku. The Novice division competed also on Saturday.