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    Michelle COETZEE

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    "I started skating Precision almost at the same time I started Ice Skating, back in 1991, and was lucky enough to have a very successful domestic synchro career, winning more than 10 National Championships in 16 years. Internationally, I was Captain of Team Australia at the first 5 World Synchro Championships, and later spent a season skating with French National team Les Zoulous. I am now a Synchro Coach in Melbourne, Australia and our Mixed Age team attended their first International Competitions in the 2017/2018 season."

    What does synchronized skating mean to you?

    "Synchro has been my life since childhood, and made me the person I am today.  After an 8 year break at the end of my competitive career, I found my way back to the synchro community and endeavour to give young skaters today the same amazing opportunities I was afforded. Once a synchro skater, always a synchro skater! "

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The season starts in Australia with Sydney Synch Festival

The Australian competitive season kicked off over the weekend with Sydney Synch Festival - the only major interstate competition outside of the National Championships. The competition is of great value to teams, not only because it is another performance opportunity, but also because it ends with short one-on-one feedback sessions between each team and the Tech Panel, then the Judges.