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    Dave WYNNE

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    "I'm a father of two beautiful girls, one of which is a Synchro Skater, albeit she is 'taking a break' at present. A retired career soldier who is now a passionate amateur/semi professional photographer who enjoys sports, portrait and landscape photography. I've been taking photo's since I was a young teenager and prior to joining the army I completed an apprenticeship as a Graphic Reproducer. After establishing a career in the army and raising a family I was led back into photography when my daughter started synchro skating, so not only did I have the expenses associated with skating...but also the expenses associated with quality cameras and fast zoom lenses. It would be fair to say I'm financially destitute now! I am currently a member of Ice Skating Queensland and also the Boondall Syncronized Ice Skating Club here in Australia."

    What does synchronized skating mean to you?

    "Synchro skating is a dynamic team sport where not only skating skills are required, you also need courage, teamwork, initiative, and above all respect for each other."

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