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    "I am a fresh synchro dad with synchroskater in local minors team. I also grew up with skates on, though needed a stick to maturate. I have just recently fell in love with synchro as the ultimately photogenic form of art: The vast variety of splendid details and impressions delivered by incredibly skilled teams flying in smooth harmony within their mind-blowing performances simply wipe the ice table with anything else by far! The joint excitement of a juvenile team on stage for the first time in life is sui generis, unique experience. I got hooked on challenge, and try to store and make those experiences and feelings visible in photographs."

    What does synchronized skating mean to you?

    "To me synchro is a source of inspiration, the shared joy of arts, and my guide to virtues as it gently forces me to develop positive temperance in addition to photographic skills as the incredibly fast action constantly pushes me and my simple gear beyond the limits."

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