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    Chloé LEDUCQ

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    "I am Chloe and above all a great optimist! I started synchronized skating at a very young age in Compiègne thanks to my twin sister. Even though I have since quit, I am still passionate about this sport and I love to follow its news. Otherwise, in life I study communication and I would like to work into the media world!"

    What does synchronized skating mean to you?

    "I fly. I escape. I absolve myself. I feel. I live. Since little this is what I feel when I'm on the ice. Synchronized skating has given me so much that it seems impossible to accomplish so quickly in a lifetime. When I skate I forget everything, I live in the moment."

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When drama appears in synchronized skating

"Why drama lessons?" Many synchro skaters have had to answer this question at least once in their life. Check out Chloé Leducq's editorial.