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Top 10 best synchro interviews of the past season

From Simoeemil Nurmela (FIN) and Hugo Chouinard (CAN) to Angelina Shapovalova (RUS) and Nadine Banholzer (SUI), here are the best interviews of the season 2019/2020.

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VIDEO: Is your costume one of the favorites?

You miss winter, and we completely understand! During the season, Jura Synchro asked several international senior teams what their favorite costume was. Relive the best winter moments by discovering their response in a video!

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The use of music as a mental preparation tool

Listening to music before a competition, many synchro skaters have already experienced it. Music has multiple effects: concentration, motivation, or even focusing on one task. Several researchers are also interested in music to improve the performance of athletes. What about you?

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Building a strong team from the very first minute of the season

On March 13th, Spain declared a national state of alarm due to the rising cases of Covid-19. The state of alarm lasted over three months, keeping people confined to their homes and skaters unable to step on the ice and practice the sport they love.

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