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First Finnish Interclub competition 2019

Vantaa (FINLAND)

NOV 23 - NOV 24, 2019


Results - TOP 3

Junior B
TEAM Score
1Moonlights (FIN)53.75
2Team Hysterique (FIN)50.10
3Team Explosion (FIN)44.12

Senior B
TEAM Score
1Valley Bay Synchrostars (FIN)54.74
2Ex-Steps (FIN)53.14
3Team Panique (FIN)50.45

Novice B
TEAM Score
1Cool Steps (FIN)85.60
2Team White Pearl (FIN)76.00
3Briljantit (FIN)75.80

TEAM Score
1Chicas Del Amor (FIN)88.00
2Team Magnetique (FIN)84.00
3Sparkle Edges (FIN)69.20

TEAM Score
1Ice Diamonds (FIN)49.80
2Crystal Illusions (FIN)45.71
3Hot Steps (FIN)45.65

Adult I
TEAM Score
1Audax (FIN)75.20
2Team Antique (FIN)71.20
3Aura Aboensis (FIN)69.60

TEAM Score
1Team Shadows (FIN)77.80
2Ice Wide Open (FIN)70.60
3DustyBlades (FIN)63.60

Photos of this competition