Face mask: a fashionable accessory for synchro skaters


Team Estreija on the Kiss & Cry during the first Finnish qualifications. (Credits: Ville Vairinen - 2020)

Face masks are now part of the everyday routine due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Some synchro teams have turned to use them as chic fashion accessories that perfectly match the competition outfits or include the club logo.

With the first synchro competitions' arrival, protective fascial masks made their appearance in the synchro world. Placed on athletes' faces as soon as they leave the ice, masks have turned into chic accessories.

To represent a skating club
While some teams still use the blue surgical masks, other teams have created stylish face covers in club colors or the glitter logo. Therefore, the skaters all have the same mask, which fits both for the free program and the short program and can also be used during training.

A mask for each program
Other teams have gone further by matching the mask with their competition outfits.

Recently, during the first Finnish qualifiers, fans were able to discover the black and white striped mask of the Musketeers for their Beetlejuice program, for example, or the purple and black mask perfectly complementing the outfit of the Marigold IceUnity in their new free program Storm.

For Marigold IceUnity, the mask perfectly complements the competition outfit. (Credits: Ville Vairinen - 2020)

Matched with the competition outfit, the mask is also used by teams to announce their program theme or give a first clue. Team Berlin in Germany, for example, gave the first hint of its new program through its mask.

Reusable or on paper, the masks arrive in the world of synchronized skating—a new opportunity for the teams to show the extent of their creativity.

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