Building a strong team from the very first minute of the season


Skaters from Team Fusion and their little sisters are more than ready to go back on the ice. (Credits: RuPho - 2020)

On March 13th, Spain declared a national state of alarm due to the rising cases of Covid-19. The state of alarm lasted over three months, keeping people confined to their homes and skaters unable to step on the ice and practice the sport they love.

Spain has reported over 270,000 cases of Covid-19 since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Luckily, the situation has improved and the country has entered the “new normality”, allowing its borders and businesses to reopen, people to hold small gatherings, and sporting activities and practices to resume.

Five months without ice
After months of waiting, Team Mirum (junior) and Team Fusion (senior) have a set date for their return to the ice. Both teams will be returning to the ice on August 10th, five months after their last practice together on the ice.

Skaters will be required to wear facemasks during practice, following the government’s order of wearing a facemask in public spaces. In addition, skaters will be respecting social distancing, and all off-ice practices will be done outdoors.

In case a skater on either team tests positive for Covid-19, all synchro skaters and coaches will undergo a two-week quarantine. 


Despite the lockdown, skaters and coaches found ways to stay connected and motivated. After their ice rink closed, Spanish teams met daily through Zoom.

“Our coach prepared us a calendar with other activities to follow apart from the workouts so we could be constantly connected,” Maria Mesas (Team Fusion’s captain) said. “Moreover, we used to meet with her [our coach] three days a week so she could check our practices and teach us the new exercises properly. We also continued with our ballet practices once a week.”

"Build a strong and consistent team"
As with many other teams, this season will look a bit different for the Spanish teams. For example, they were unable to have their usual tryouts on the ice so they had to recruit new skaters with online tryouts. Despite the unusual circumstances, skaters are making the best out of the situation and continue to learn from past seasons.

“Every season is different, new skaters coming, others leaving... However, we always try to follow the same paths that went well the previous season,” Team Fusion’s captain mentioned. “During the pandemic we had an activity that consisted on writing down our individual ‘positive and negative’ aspects of the past season. Therefore, we will follow and repeat the positive ones in order to build a strong and consistent team from the very first minute of the season.”


Right now, skaters are on a summer break but are excitingly awaiting the start of the new season.

“Although we’re on holidays, we are individually trying to keep in the shape we formed during the pandemic so that we can arrive to the ice in the best physical condition,” Team Fusion’s captain added.

“We would like to send to all the teams our best wishes and hope them the best for this new season.”