What are the 5 most popular videos of the season?


(Credits: Sean McKinnon, Ice Galaxy, Ville Vairinen & Cynthia Slawter - 2019 & 2020)

You watched them over and over again during the season to appreciate their incredible energy, to analyze the steps sequences, or the creativity in the transitions... While summer is in full swing, discover the most popular programs of the 2019-2020 season on Jura Synchro.

5. Team Paradise - "The Ravel's Bolero"

It was at the French Cup 2020 (which took place in early February in Rouen, France) that the Team Paradise made its last appearance of the season. The Russian champions skated their Free Program to the very famous Ravel's Bolero.

At this international competition, the team had some difficulties in the middle of the performance: a piece of the costume fell on the ice and one of the four lifts had dropped, which had placed the Russians from Saint Petersburg, at the 4th place in the final ranking.

Watch Team Paradise's Short Program

4. Haydenettes - "80's rock music"

In addition to their very emotional Céline Dion Short Program, the Haydenettes (USA) presented this season a very rock performance based on different pieces of music from the 80s. The 2020 American champions won silver at the California Cup at the start of the season and finished 5th at the French Cup.

Always very popular on YouTube, their programs from previous seasons are still very popular on the channel. For example, their free program to "The Greatest Showman" (2018-2019) has been seen more than 51K times, and the record is held by their free program (2017-2018) which has more than 130K views.

3. Helsinki Rockettes - "The Wounded Angel"

Filmed at the Hevelius Cup 2020 in January, the Helsinki Rockettes' "The Wounded Angel" program has fascinated synchro fans this season. It is also the continuation of their Short Program "Alarm".

Champions of Finland 2020, the team had great successes last season ending with a gold medal at the French Cup and also at the California Cup.

2. Team Unique - "Betrayed"

Everyone was talking about it! Last season, the Team Unique struck a blow with its very creative and divinely interpreted programs. The free program "Betrayed" has been seen more than 17 K times, while their dynamic short program has exceeded 15,5 K views.

The Team Unique also won the 2020 Challenger Series in Seniors with a result of 464.43 points.

1. Les Suprêmes - "Never tear us apart"

Sung by Paloma Faith, the song "Never tear us apart" accompanied Les Suprêmes Seniors (CAN) in a sublime manner last season. Their program, filmed by Jura Synchro during the French Cup 2020, has been seen more than 85 K times!

Their free program "Unsustainable" aimed to transmit a warning message for the environment. The performance of the Quebec team is also available on the Jura Synchro YouTube channel.

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