Team Lumineers awarded for the "most stylish synchro costume of the season"


Lumineers was rewarded for this grey costume used for its free program this year. (Credits: Ice Galaxy - 2020)

The Senior team Lumineers has received a special distinction from the National Finnish Federation. The coaches Liisa Lakela and Maikki Merilehto, with the help of Henriikka Latva, have designed a simple and stylish costume for the free program "Swipe Right".

The best costume for the synchronized skating season in Finland has been chosen. Lumineers' free program costume "Swipe Right" was rewarded this year. 

"We are very happy and honored to have been awarded the most stylish synchro costume of the season! Anyone could submit a costume to this competition. A Finnish fashion expert chose the finalists for both the figure skating and synchro categories and then people could vote for their favorite! The competition wasn’t serious, but it is always nice to get recognition for our team," said the skaters to Jura Synchro.

What was the particularity of this costume?

"Our costume stood out this season because of its simple and modern design. Our coaches wanted the focus of the program to be in the music and the message of the program instead of the costume. They wanted us to be one big mass, just like people walking on a busy street scrolling through social media. That is why the design was meant to have the appearance of everyday clothing. Simple and functional."

A unique detail
"We didn't expect the detail to be noticed. It was for the team," coaches Liisa and Maikki said to the Finnish skating association. (Credits: Ice Galaxy - 2020)

The costume also has a fun detail that a lot of synchro fans may not have noticed: each skater’s Instagram username is printed on the costume. The idea to somehow have their own Instagram accounts on the costume came from the skaters themselves. "The coach’s promised to include our idea in the design," explained the team.

No prize or money was awarded for the team in this competition. However, three of the voters won tickets for the Finlandia Trophy 2020 competition. Ateljee Titta Kettunen has created Lumineers' costumes.

In this costume, they broke a new record!
"Our best memory in this costume is from Leon Lurje Trophy in January, when our costumes got wet from tears of happiness. We broke 200 points for the first time and skated well on both days. Finishing 4th with such high-level teams, leaving behind world teams and medalists was a breakthrough for us. For us it meant that we were again a step closer to our dream, making it to Worlds."

For Lumineers, this was a great competition trip that brought them "closer as a team". 

Lumineers (FIN) in their short program. (Credits: Ice Galaxy - 2020)

Ready for the next season
In this period of coronavirus, the whole Lumineers team is doing well, "we are staying at home and training on our own".

Running, circuit training, ballet, pilates and flexibility

The Senior skaters have already started to train with the new team. "We finished our tryouts just before everything closed, so we had time to form the team. We haven’t started building our new programs yet, but our coaches have revealed our short program theme. Right now, we are training mainly individually, but also together virtually. Our practices include running, circuit training, ballet, pilates and flexibility as well as skating skills off-ice. We have video calls with the coaches every week to stay in touch and to get to know our new teammates better."

Last season, Lumineers finished 10th at the Challenger Series and totaled 384.61 points. The team broke the 200 points two times during the 2019/2020, at the Finnish National Championships 2020 and at the Leon Lurje Trophy 2020.

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