"We didn’t have time to recruit new teammates"


Team Paradise (RUS) competing in Sweden last season. (Credits: Ice Galaxy Photos - 2020)

As the new coronavirus continues to spread, Russia has stepped up its measures to slow the pandemic's spread within its borders. Skaters of Team Paradise, the multiple national champions, try to stay positive and keep training every day.

"We are all in quarantine, as a big part of the world. We miss ice training and our teamwork," said Team Paradise who usually practise together in the city of Saint-Petersburg.

Team Paradise's skaters doing ballet lessons at home. 

The situation in Russia
Russia has enacted full self-isolation orders as of April 1. Some regions, however, have partial self-isolation regimes.

"Yes, only grocery stores and convenience stores are open now. All schools, universities are closed, we are studying online, but we still have the opportunity to leave home for a walk," continued the Russian senior champions.

Ready to start the new programs
"We're trying to stay positive and active. Every day, we have strength and endurance training, stretching, and 3 times a week, we gave ballet class with our choreographer," explained Team Paradise. The Russian athletes are using the Zoom app to do their workout together.

Auditions postponed

Team Paradise consists now of 17 skaters, four athletes from last season have decided to stop skating. "Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to recruit new teammates but of course we’ll do it after quarantine," added the team.

Ideas and new elements

The Russian multiple champions are now working on new elements. "We exchange ideas and seek inspiration. We are waiting for the official ISU communication of the new rules for next season from ISU. After that, we will start to work on the new programs," said the skaters.

Russia confirmed yesterday 5,849 Covid-19 infections, bringing the country’s official number of cases to 68,622. Overall, a total of 615 people have been killed by the virus in the country.

According to the Moscow Times, the head of Russia’s consumer health watchdog argued self-isolation should be extended by at least another two weeks, until the middle of May.