BIG INTERVIEW: Music, Covid-19, Virtual Open Houses... Some themes discussed with Marilyn Langlois!


One of the Canadian synchro coaches, Marilyn Langlois talked to Jura Synchro. Music, Covid-19, tryouts or the collaboration with the team Nova Senior... these are some of the themes discussed with the coach of Les Suprêmes Senior and Junior. Discover her BIG INTERVIEW in French and with the English subtitles.

Recorded a few hours ago, Jura Synchro offers you an exclusive meeting in video with Marilyn Langlois. This Canadian coach who coach Les Suprêmes Seniors alongside Pascal Denis and Amélie Brochu and the Junior team with Pascal Denis and Kassandra Patenaude gives us her impressions on the current situation in Canada and the future of her teams.
Marilyn Langlois (CAN): BIG INTERVIEW

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