Senior skaters react to cancellation of Synchro Worlds


Last year in Helsinki, the Worlds were a full house! (Credits: Sebastien Muller - 2019)

The cancellation of the ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships 2020 in Lake Placid because of the coronavirus pandemic brought disappointment in the synchro community. Some skaters are still hoping that the event could be postponed.

For the fans who had reserved their tickets for months, or the athletes themselves who have been preparing all season... The world of synchro is heartbroken due to the cancellation of the 2020 Senior Worlds in Lake Placid (USA). The most important event of the season, which should have been held in early April, has been cancelled due to the spread of the coronavirus.

Jura Synchro has received feedbacks from senior skaters around the world...

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Team Austria, Sweet Mozart
"My heart is broken. To senior skaters: we will come back even stronger!" - Eva 

"I’m so devastated… but at the same time, I’m so motivated to go back on ice and train." - Linda 

Team Canada, Nexxice
"We completely understand the reasons for the cancelation. But we are still very sad, we are heartbroken. But the safety of all athletes is very important." - Nexxice skaters 

Nexxice last year at Worlds in Finland. (Credits: Sebastien Muller - 2019)

Team Croatia, Zagreb Snowflakes
"It feels terrible, but it’s better that way. Hopefully, it will be rescheduled. Love from Croatia." - Petra 

"As a junior skater who just competed at WJSSC, I’m so disappointed for my senior team." - Sara

Team Czech Republic, Team Olympia
"I feel heartbroken, but still hoping for rescheduling the competition. WSSC 2020 can still happen." - Zuzana 

Team Spain, Team Fusion
"You stay with a lot of new and improved things you wanted to demonstrate. This is awful. This is a feeling of frustration because you have everything in your mind." - Lucia

"Everything feels like a nightmare we’re wishing to wake up." - Alicia

"I’m disappointed about how everything changed in a few days. Some days ago, we were training to prepare our programs to show our best performance in the words, but now we need to stay at home (for us safety) without skating. We just need to look forward and be positive, synchro will always be our family!" - Olatz

Team France, Les Zoulous
"So sad but we are united to stay positive… even if we are missing an outcome." - Anaëlle
Team Netherlands, Team Illumination
"I feel so devastated!" - Ingvild 

"I can’t describe how much pain this brought me but I understand why this decision was made." - Minke 

Team Russia, Team Tatarstan
"Feels like the end of the world! I still can’t believe it! And still ready to skate." - Madina

"The situation broke my dreams." - Veronica

Team USA, Haydenettes
"Heartbroken. We worked so hard and had so much hope." - Kylie

"I support the tough decision but I can’t help feeling very lost after such an abrupt ending…" - Carly

Jura Synchro takes advantage of this article to thank all those who made this synchro season magical. We wholeheartedly share your emotions.

Let us remain united in this difficult period, together we are stronger!