Australia kicks off the competition season with Sydney Synch Festival


Every year, Australia is one of the first countries to start their competitions. (Credits: Greg Gurr - 2019)

Macquarie Ice Rink hosted the first competition of the Australian synchro calendar, Sydney Synch Festival, on Saturday August 30th and Sunday September 1st, welcoming many new and returning teams across 9 different divisions.

Reigning national champions, Team Unity, took the top spot on the Senior podium for the third year in a row; Majestic Ice Australia secured gold medals in the Junior, Advanced Novice and Basic Novice divisions and Southern Sky Hills placed first in Mixed Age.

Many teams displayed creative and challenging programs that reflect the rapid growth and progress of synchro in Australia over the last couple of years.

Team Infusion were welcomed back to the Senior division this weekend after taking a break last year, announcing their comeback to the world with a strong pivoting block to begin their spicy ‘Devil You Know’ short program. Team Unity skated difficult elements to QUEEN’s hit single ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ put them squarely in the lead, despite some synchronised errors in the no-hold.

Day 2 of competition brought even more exciting programs as Infusion displayed some innovative dress features that helped convey the suspense and excitement of a gripping bank heist. Team Unity concluded the Senior event, and the competition, with an emotional journey portraying the challenges of Queen Mary’s return to Scotland, most notable in the innovative Artistic Wheel. They were accompanied by the soundtrack from ‘Mary, Queen of Scots’. Their gripping program captivated both the judges and audience, earning them 96.66 points.

Team Unity – Senior Free Program (Credits: Greg Gurr - 2019)

Sydney Synch Fest was the debut competition for two teams in the Junior division, having recently moved up from the Mixed Age division. Both these teams performed spectacularly and proved fair competition to the returning Junior teams. Adelaide Ice Magic blew the audience away with their clean skate and dramatic instrumental music, earning them the top spot in the short. Their black and red dresses enhanced their theme well and their whip intersection was skated with an impressive amount of speed.

Majestic Ice Australia put on a bright performance to the soundtrack of the ‘Aladdin’ remake and demonstrated their speed and flow across the ice. The energetic no-hold element was a highlight of the program and was well choreographed to the music. Unfortunately, a minor fall in the twizzle element kept them in second place for the short. 

Australian teams showed their new programs in the northern Sydney suburb. (Credits: Greg Gurr - 2019)

Eclipse put on a very good performance for a first-time Junior team, showing great potential for the rest of the season, and scored third place for the short program. Unfortunately, due to the compounding deductions of a few falls, Southern Sky finished the short program in fourth place.

Heading into the free program, Majestic Ice Australia overtook Adelaide Ice Magic with their spicy and upbeat program to the soundtrack of ‘Pricilla, Queen of the Desert’, accompanied by a very strong skate. Adelaide Ice Magic settled for the silver and Southern Sky made up for their errors the previous day with a very precise free program that pushed them into third place. Eclipse skated admirably and ended in fourth place. 

Majestic Ice blew away the crowd in the Advanced Novice division, treating them to a ‘Spice Girls’ program that earned them 10. 53-point lead over the competition. Their no-hold element was a highlight, with stellar choreography for this early in the season. Southern Sky displayed a series of very creative transitions in their jungle-themed program to earn a total of 35.85 points. 

Majestic Ice Australia – Mixed Age (Credits: Greg Gurr - 2019)

Southern Sky Hills took home the gold medal in the Mixed Age division, challenging themselves with a series of difficult turns in the no-hold element. Majestic Ice Australia were the runners up by only 0.66 points, giving the audience a very enjoyable skate to Madonna’s ‘Vogue’. Southern Sky Erina rounded out the podium with some very classy black dresses and a total of 30.78 points. 
In the Basic Novice division, both Majestic Ice Australia teams, the Rubies and Sapphires, placed first and second respectively. Their adorable choreography to ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ and ‘Happy Feet’ stole the hearts of the judges, helped along by their strong synchro skills. Southern Sky Hills secured the bronze medal, with Southern Sky Penrith and Harmony placing fourth and fifth. 

Results - TOP 3

Sydney Synch Festival 2019
Warners Bay (AUS)
AUG 31, 2019 - SEP 01, 2019

TEAM Score
1Team Unity (AUS)96.66
2Team Infusion (AUS)79.70

TEAM Score
1Majestic Ice (AUS)69.21
2Adelaide Ice Magic (AUS)66.96
3Southern Sky (AUS)52.55

Mixed Age
TEAM Score
1Southern Sky Team 1 (AUS)36.12
2Majestic Ice (AUS)35.46
3Southern Sky Team 2 (AUS)30.78

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Majestic Ice (AUS)46.38
2Southern Sky (AUS)35.85