"We currently have 191 teams in Ontario"


Nexxice Junior, which will start its international season at the Mozart Cup in Salzburg this weekend, promise beautiful moments of synchro this season. / Credits: Sean McKinnon 

Just before the start of the big international competitions, the Canadian season has really started last month with the Bill Phillips Memorial. As an Event Coordinator for Skate Ontario, Lauren Zbucki worked with the Local Organizing Committee, the Tech Rep, the Data Specialists and the Event Technicians on the organization and operations of the competition. We decided to ask her a few questions.

How was the competition?
The Bill Phillips Memorial is a great event where we were able to see the debut of not only new and innovative programs but also the growth of the number of teams in all categories. This was the first time we held this event in Dorchester and the Local Organizing Committee for the event exceeded our expectations in terms of professionalism and hospitality.

How many teams competed and where did they come from?
We were able to fit 101 teams into the event and they came from across the Province and we also welcomed a team from Quebec.

A favourite moment?
My favourite moment was the Junior event, where for the second year in a row we saw the introduction of a new team. It is exciting to see this kind of ongoing development!

Is Bill Phillips Memorial an important competition in Canada?
Yes, because it is the kick start to the competitive season for synchronized skating teams in Ontario. This year we introduced monitoring into the event for our National level teams, with the hope of providing constructive feedback to help them better prepare for the rest of the season.

Can you explain to us the history of this competition?
Synchronized skating has deep roots in western area of Ontario and this competition was re-named to honour a huge figure in skating in this area.

The Junior team Nova from Brossard finished 3rd in Dorchester. / Credits: Sean McKinnon

How is synchro developing in Ontario?
Synchronized Skating in Ontario is thriving with an increase of over 20 teams added from last year alone. We currently have 191 teams in Ontario with the expectation that those numbers will continue to grow in the coming years. We are in a unique situation where we have dedicated Skate Ontario staff members with experience as former world level competitors and coaches in the discipline who are working towards the continued growth and development of synchro in the Province.

?Lauren Zbucki joined synchronized skating after watching the ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships in London, ON in 2007. "I fell in love with the intricacy, the artistry and the team aspect. I skated for NEXXICE Senior from 2007-2010 and for NEXXICE Open from 2015-2017. After university, I graduated from a Sport and Event Marketing course and could not help myself from staying in the sport I grew up and fell in love with," she said.

A few teams from Canada are now preparing for international competitions in Europe. Three teams (Nova Senior, Nova Junior, and Nexxice Junior) will compete this weekend in Austria at the 2019 Mozart Cup.

Results - TOP 3

Bill Phillips Memorial 2018
Dorchester (CAN)
DEC 08, 2018 - DEC 09, 2018

TEAM Score
1Nexxice (CAN)111.24
2Sparkling Ice (CAN)99.12
3Meraki (CAN)91.85

TEAM Score
1Nexxice (CAN)167.23
2Gold Ice (CAN)142.82
3Nova (CAN)142.16

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Nexxice (CAN)94.62
2Sparkling Ice (CAN)89.84
3Gold Ice (CAN)88.46