The gold medal for Nexxice Senior in Dumfries


Nexxice Senior (CAN) free program. /Credits : Sean McKinnon 

There was not a free seat in the second day of the Trophy D’Ecosse in Dumfries, Scotland. Saturday was the culmination of the Junior and Senior events and as predicted, Nexxice Senior took away the gold medal earning 125.52 points in their free programme and a total score of 189.62 points.

The Canadian Nexxice team stepped onto the ice to an enthusiastic and noisy crowd and performed their free programme entitled « The Widow ». Their programme has been talked about a great deal due to their decision to highlight one skater throughout and they delivered an emotional performance.

With a Spanish themed programme, team Del Sol from the USA received the silver medal for their feisty performance, scoring 88.99 points in the free programme and a total score of 128.15 points.

Team Del Sol (USA) free program. /Credits : Andy Howden

The current British Champions, Zariba from Scotland gained the bronze with a performance to the movie soundtrack to « Gladiator ».  They scored 57.79 points in their free programme and 87.03 points overall.

Skating in a Bollywood inspired purple and gold costume to songs from the sound track « Slumdog Millionaire » were team Spirit from Wales. They placed fifth in the free programme with 53.25 after a couple of falls but came forth overall with a total score of 82.21 points.

In fifth place was Wight Jewels from England skating to a Lion King theme wearing yellow and orange sunrise inspired costumes. They came forth in the free programme, scoring 56.25 points but fifth overall with 81.46 points.


The Junior entry, Solway Stars from Dumfries scored 54.30 points in the free programme with an exciting routine to an Alice in Wonderland theme however received a deduction. They scored 83.05 points in total. In the Junior B category, Les Chrysalides from France earned gold with 69.79 points. It was a close battle for second and third place with only 0.08 points separating the two teams. However, Team Destiny from Wales received silver with 57.46 points; and Team Unum, from England, took the bronze with 57.38 points.

Advanced Novice

The only entry for this category was Shadows from Nottingham who scored 39.79. Advanced Novice B had more entries: Les Chrysalides from France came first with 39.45 points; Whizz Kids from Great Britain skated to a Maleficent theme, scoring 33.04 points; Wight Crystals from Great Britain came third with 24.19 points.

Our Alice in Wonderland programme at Wintercup⛸❤️

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Mixed Age

This was a popular category with eight teams competing. Solway Eclipse from Dumfries won gold with 36.09 points. Rocking Robins from Nottingham earned silver with 34.98 points. Aura from Lee Valley received bronze with 31.58 points.

The inter-club competition will continue with non-ISU categories on Sunday at 13:25 GMT with the Adult category followed by the Preliminary category at 14:53.