Valley Bay Synchro Junior from Finland clinched the gold at the Trophy D'Ecosse


Valley Bay Synchro in its wonderful free program ”The Little Mermaid”. (Credits: Ville Vairinen - 2023)

The ISU Challenger Series Trophy D'Ecosse 2024 showcased a thrilling competition in the Junior category. The Finnish team, Valley Bay Synchro, took gold with an impressive total score of 190.12. The American team Lexettes earned the silver title, and Canada's Team Nexxice finished in third place, securing the bronze medal.

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In the electrifying atmosphere of the 2024 Trophy D'Ecosse, teams from all over the world competed in the junior division. The competition took place on January 26-27 in Dumfries, Great Britain.

Eight junior teams competed with daring, well-crafted programs for this 3rd Challenger Series stop of the season. With the World Junior Championships just around the corner (n.d.l.r. they'll be held in six weeks' time in Neuchâtel, Switzerland), it's time for the teams to prove their skills. 

Gold naturally went to Valley Bay Synchro with a total of 190.12 points. Winning both programs, the Finnish team presented two very fine performances: "Another Dimension" for the short program and "The Little Mermaid" for the free. A fall in the intersection in the middle of their free skate was the only "false note" of their Scottish journey.

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The American team Lexettes delivered two outstanding performances, earning the silver medal with a total score of 183.46. Their routine, set to "Prologue" by Woodkid, was particularly notable for its strong Level 4 move element, line, and traveling element, contributing to their season's best scores for the short program, free skate, and total score.

Canada's Nexxice Junior team finished in third place with a score of 177.39 points. Trish Perdue-Mills' team from Burlington, Ontario, suffered a fall at the end of their free program in the intersection element.

We take the same countries and start again, as Finland, Canada, and the USA follow in the rankings, with teams occupying 4th to 6th place. 

Other teams, too, displayed remarkable skill and finesse. The Fond du Lac Blades, also representing Team USA, finished sixth, showcasing a Lady Gaga-themed free skate with multiple Level 4 elements. Their sixth-place finish at this event marked also their best-ever finish at a Challenger Series event. Solway Stars and Team Icicles (GBR) finished 7th and 8th.

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Trophy D'Ecosse 2024 - Junior ISU
While only one ISU Senior team took part in the event (Icicles Senior - GBR), the Trophy d'Ecosse also gave around forty other teams the opportunity to compete in various categories such as Mixed Age, Junior B, Senior Elite 12, Senior B, Advanced Novice or Juvenile and Adult.  

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