Ice Diamonds, the bronze season


The Adult team Ice Diamonds finished 3rd at their first international competition in Poland.

The Adult category is a division developing in many countries, and that can provide some incredible experiences. In Great Britain, the Ice Diamonds team had a successful season, winning a national championship title and a bronze medal in their first international competition.

ADV picture
Ice Diamonds are an Adult synchro team from Nottingham, Great Britain, skating for the Nottingham Synchronized Skating Academy. "The team was first formed in 2018 and currently consists of 15 skaters. We train at the National Ice Centre, where we have 1 hour on the ice, and 1 hour off the ice, per week," Lyndsey Massie said. She is the co-captain of the team. 

The Adult team won last season a bronze medal at their very first international competition in Poland. "It has been a goal of ours to attend an international competition since the team began, so we were very excited to be able to compete at our first international competition this season at the Hevelius Cup in Gdansk," she continued. 

Ice Diamonds had just won the British Championships a few weeks prior, so they travelled to the Hevelius Cup feeling "confident and excited to meet new adult teams outside of the United Kingdom". 

After a fun day sightseeing in Gdansk's old town, this was the day of the competition. "We could not believe the atmosphere! The crowd was so loud and welcoming. Our program begins with us facing the stands, and it was amazing to see people cheering and clapping along - it really encouraged us and was an experience we won’t forget!"

The team Ice Diamonds skated to upbeat pop-rock music by Robbie Williams and Girls Aloud/Sugababes. The theme was ‘Rock This Way’. "We have had so much fun performing this fast and energetic program with a bit of sass. It's a program that showcases how far we have come in our five years as a team and really gets the crowd going!" said Lyndsey.

Even if they did not perform their best skate technically, "we were all the more ecstatic when we learned we were awarded with the bronze medal. This was a very proud moment for us, as we went into the competition not knowing what to expect, with the goal of simply enjoying the experience. Getting to participate in the presentations and stand on the podium was a very welcome bonus!"

The skaters received great suggestions from the Polish adult teams about what to see in Gdansk.

Coached by Jemma Blackford and Emily Potter, Ice Diamonds constantly pushes each other to improve each season. "The results of where teams finish at competitions can always change with very close scoring. It definitely keeps us on our toes, but we wouldn’t have it any other way," explains Coach Emily. 

The team hasn’t yet clarified its exact goals for next season, as they were still welcoming new team members when we did this interview. "Once we form our 2023 - 2024 squad, we will set our goals for the new team. However, we can say it would be amazing if we could retain our British Champion title and maybe explore the possibility of competing internationally again."