After three years, they are back on the international scene


Nova Senior has arrived in Sweden.

Canadian vice-champions 2023, Nova Senior, is one of the headliners of the Leon Lurje Trophy, which takes place this weekend in Sweden.

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Nova Senior, you have just arrived in Sweden; what is your state of mind?

The team is doing well, and we are happy to be able to participate in an international competition finally. This is our first international event in 3 years, and it is also the first international experience for some of our teammates. Since our return from the Canadian championships, we have worked hard and made several improvements in our two programs. We are proud of these improvements and look forward to finally executing them on the international stage.

Can you tell us a bit about your programs this season?

This year we have two entirely different programs that allow us to showcase different qualities and aspects of our team.

Our short program (Long Train Runnin' – The Doobie Brothers) is dynamic and engaging. It allows us to demonstrate a more colourful and "fun" side of our team, emphasizing performance and dance.

On the other hand, the free program allows us to expose a softer and more sensitive aspect of our team. In this program featuring the song "Je te laisserai des mots" by Patrick Watson, we express a touching love story and the unconditional love of the other. It is also possible to interpret the lyrics as a desire to leave behind an important message, something meaningful to a loved one.


What do you expect from the Leon Lurje Trophy this weekend?

Our objective would be the same as for all the other competitions we have had this season: to seek perfection in each of our performances and elements. We also aim to continue improving our scores, which we have so far been able to do. In general, we want to skate two solid programs and deliver performances that we will be proud of.

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You finished 2nd at the Canadian National Championships in mid-January. Do you believe in your chances of representing Canada at the next world championship?

Of course, we believe we have a chance to represent Canada at the next world championships, along with the other two excellent Canadian teams. The level and quality of the programs of the three Canadian teams are precisely what makes the competition so exciting in Canada, in our opinion. For our part, we had an excellent start to the season, showing constant improvement both in the performance of our programs and in our scores over the competitions. Although going to the world championship remains a goal for our team, we stay motivated and focused on the following competitions and upcoming events, especially this weekend, the Leon Lurje Trophy in Sweden.

The competition, which represents a stage of the Challenger Series, will take place on Friday and Saturday in Gothenburg. Eight Senior teams will compete, including Nova Senior, the current world champions Les Suprêmes (CAN).

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