A first team qualified for the Worlds


Team Unity Senior

The Australian Senior Team Unity has won last month the National Championships. As a result, they will represent Australia at the upcoming World Championships in Lake Placid in 2023.

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"We are so, so excited! Earlier this year, our home rink in Sydney, Canterbury Olympic Ice Rink, was forced to close unexpectedly due to structural concerns. This displaced hundreds of skaters to find ice time in the only few remaining rinks left in the state.

Losing our access to regular ice time was very stressful for us and forced us to travel intra-state, many hours away to train. We have all personally sacrificed things over the last few months to commit to our training schedule which included overnight stays and much further travel than we are used to. We’re so glad this has all paid off and we are the national champions once again!" explains the Senior team who has officially qualified for 2023 Worlds.

"We are so proud and humbled to be representing Australia again," they said.

Can you tell us more about your programs this year? 

"We LOVE our programs! The short program is ‘Never Tear Us Apart’ by INXS which we have translated to a toxic relationship which we really try to bring the energy and convey the story to the crowd each time we perform.

Our free program is a cover of the Beatles’ ‘Eleanor Rigby’ combined with other mixes arranged by sk8mixHugo and we think it conveys intensity, drama, loneliness and hope. We thoroughly enjoyed competing them for the crowd at nationals this weekend and are so pumped to be able to show them to the world in a few months!"

The Australian season is now over! "Nationals is the ultimate event of the season for those not competing overseas (at a Worlds or international competition)," they said. 

What are the next steps for Team Unity in the coming weeks? 

"We will continue to train as normal, with a break over the Christmas and new year period, to try to take on board any feedback received from judges over the weekend to make these programs the best we possibly can! With the uncertainty around ice time still lingering we will be in constant communication with any ice rinks in the state to see if they have time for us, and thus our team will always be on call to train. We are such a close team this season and LOVE hanging out so we are really looking forward to relying on each other and committing to one another over the next week months to represent Australia the way it deserves."

Except for the World Championships, will Team Unity be competing overseas?

"Just Worlds! Our junior team also just won the national championship and will be going to the junior Worlds in France, we’re so proud. We have 1 double teamer who will do both worlds, only a few weeks apart!"