A new synchro competition in Europe


The Icerink Hoechstadt a.d. Aisch in Höchstadt, Germany. (Credits: Hauke Fotografie)

A new synchro event has been added to your calendars. The first edition of the Bavaria Cup will be held on March 18 in Germany.

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Open to the Juvenile, NON-ISU Basic Novice, Mixed Age, Adult, ISU Adult (means ISU age requirements), Junior (free skating only) and Senior (free skating only) categories, the Bavaria Cup will have its first edition next spring.

"Most competitions are not specifically laid out for NON-ISU, Interclub. So for us as an Adult team, it was hard, and we always wished for more opportunities to compete," explains Nadja Müller, chairwoman of ESC Höchstadt.

This is how the idea of a new synchro competition in this region was born. "There are not many SYS competitions in Germany. There is not even one in the South except the ISU Adult tournament in Oberstdorf. And even this one is tough as it is in May when most of the teams in Germany don't even have ice in the home rinks to practice anymore."

In the club (ESC Höchstadt), they often talked about organizing something of their own. With the help and advice of their friends from Dresden (Cups of Dresden), the new organizers could set up this unique event more quickly.

"It was a done deal! We work perfectly together, all 5 of us full of passion & motivation to bring the synchro sport forward – completely free of competitive spirits, just positivity, with a lot of laughter," said Nadja Müller.

A focus on NON-ISU divisions
With only one day of competition (March 18, 2023), the organizers of the Bavaria Cup have chosen to focus on the NON-ISU categories while also inviting the ISU teams to compete with their free program.

"In our opinion, it is good to start this way, as we are doing this for the first time. Our ice rink has also been renovated (ice, roof), so it offers a completely new environment."


To begin with, the Bavaria Cup will have 30 team places available, and the organizers hope to fill them. "Knowing about all the challenges the whole ice sports athletes face right now (the pandemic, staying healthy and an energy crisis, where it's hard to get ice times as a non-pro team). We set a date for March, so hopefully, everybody will have time to train and prepare," added Nadja Müller.

Höchstadt is a small town close to more historical centers like Nürnberg. For shopping fans, the organizers recommend visiting the Adidas and Puma Outlets.

(Credits: Hauke Fotografie)

Another important aspect is that the organizers want to introduce the participants to Bavarian culture. "Not just the logo, which contributes to the Bavarian flag, but also the food & beverages offered during the competition day, for example. The rest is a surprise for the teams joining us!" said Nadja Müller.

The Pre-Announcement is out. Pre Entry Registration is open until October 24, 2022. The official Announcement is in progress, and the Final entry for the Bavaria Cup will be December 19, 2022. 

More info about the Bavaria Cup 2023

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