Junior Worlds 2022: The three medallists react!


All three teams were already on the podium after the short programs. (Credits: © Skate Austria / Theresa Marka)

The World Junior Synchronized Skating Championships 2022 ended Saturday night in Austria. Team Fintastic from Finland and the two American teams, Skyliners and Teams Elite, finished on the podium. Here are their reactions!

Team Fintastic, this is the second time in a row that you won the Junior World Championships. How do you feel tonight?

Team Fintastic (Linnea Lehtinen and Anni Turunen): We worked so hard. It was a tough season, so it's very rewarding.

What do you think were the highlights of your programs this weekend?

Team Fintastic: Highlights... mmmh, maybe intersections? Especially the first one, I would say and maybe the Moves Element.

You were the strongest in the Program Components. Does that surprise you? 

Team Fintastic: Not really. We've worked hard to interpret the music, express the emotions that come throughout the program, and show them with our bodies.

Team Fintastic was the leader for the entire competition. (Credits: © Skate Austria / Theresa Marka)

Skyliners Junior, you are the 2022 silver medalists! You finished 2nd in 2019 in Croatia 3rd in 2019 in Switzerland… What is your reaction to finishing so close to 1st place?

Skyliners (Misora Ooka and Samantha Handrigan): It's so amazing, we still can't believe it! After two years during which we could not travel, attend the Junior World Championships, it's so amazing. We are really happy to have been able to skate at this competition.

You achieved the highest technical score on Saturday night: six elements with Level 4 in your free skate. Any thoughts about that?

Skyliners Junior: From our last competition, we came back really strong. We worked hard.

Teams Elite, your team was the good surprise of this weekend! You participated in your first World Championships and finished with the bronze. Tell us more about your experience!

Teams Elite (Isabella Walsh and Meghan Blomberg): This is our first-ever Junior Worlds, so to have this experience with the Skyliners and finish with a medal is just amazing. We are very proud of our team. We were able to come together and just make this happen. We really dedicated our skates to each other. Our focus was to have fun! 

Your free program to "Missy Eliott" will undoubtedly remain a highlight of these Junior Worlds. Does everyone on the team now listen to Missy Eliott?

Teams Elite: Of course, she is now on all our playlists! 

Teams Elite in their "Missy Elliott" free program. (Credits: © Skate Austria / Theresa Marka)

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Results - TOP 3

ISU World Junior Synchronized Skating Championships 2022
Innsbruck (AUT)
MAR 17, 2022 - MAR 19, 2022

TEAM Score
1Team Fintastic (FIN)205.61
2Skyliners (USA)204.39
3Teams Elite (USA)204.11