Team Berlin 1 from Germany back to business after 1,5 years of pandemic


Team Berlin 1 from Germany is back to competitions after more than a year off. (Credits: Alexander Kraus - 2021)

The German senior champions, Team Berlin 1, present their programs this weekend after a year and a half break due to Covid.

"We are looking forward to competing again. We are in good shape and can't wait to show our programs," said Team Berlin 1 a few hours before the event "Grosser Berliner Bär", also called "Berlin Championship" in English.

Germany's most successful synchronized skating team (25x national champions and 20x representing Germany at Worlds) presents their short and free program this weekend.

A free program still secret
Last year, "when Covid was especially bad, we did our practices socially distanced and used the time to work on our skating skills. But since summer, we were able to go back to practicing normally and even went to our annual training camp," explained the senior skaters, ready to resume a regular season of competitions.

This season, Team Berlin 1 skates to a song from the Friedrichstadtpalast called Ich bin ein Berliner, which means "I am a Berliner" for the short program.

Their free program is still a secret and will be revealed on the ice during the competition on Sunday. "But we can already say that it is very personal and completely new for us. We have never had a program like this before and can't wait to show everyone."

First international event in December
With these two programs, Team Berlin 1 hopes to show the audience how much they love skating. "The programs are very different in their messages, but both very dear to us," said the team.

The German skaters haven't finalized their planning yet for this season, but their first international competition will be the Santa Claus Cup in Brno, Czech Republic, in mid-December.