"The home rink is located right in front of the Olympic Stadium"


Ayumi skated with Jingu Ice Messenger Senior for 4 years. (Credits: Ayumi / Ru-Pho 2020)

At 22, Ayumi Kitajima is a former synchronized skater living in Tokyo. For Jura Synchro, she looks back on this particular summer in Japan which hosted the Olympic Games.


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How did you live Olympics as a resident of Tokyo?

Ayumi: Under the state of emergency, I stayed at home as much as possible. I rooted for players by watching the games with my family and checked the results on my phone every day. I also volunteered at one of the Olympic venues in Tokyo because, having been an athlete myself, I really wanted to help the participants.

What was the most impressive for you?

Although there had been confusion about whether the Olympic Games would happen or not, they made it. I guess it turned out to be a memorable one in Olympic history. Also, there was a 13-year-old gold medalist in skateboarding, which made me so impressed.

How did you follow the events? 

I did watch events both live and on TV! Since there was no time difference, it was way easier to follow the Olympic Games ever :)

Among the Tokyo population, how was the event accepted? 

It was really controversial to hold such an event since COVID-19 has still been going around. There was a state of emergency, and people were asked to stay home as much as possible. Not all the people favored the event, but I heard the audience rating was pretty high, which I think it gots more attention than expected.

Ayumi was a volunteer for the Tokyo Olympic Games.

As a former synchro skater, which sports events did you enjoy the most? 

Synchronized Swimming!! I really enjoyed watching their synchronization and how they express their theme using legs, lifts, and facial expressions. There were many points that synchronized swimming and synchronized skating can connect with!

A word about Jingu Ice Messenger: how is the team doing, and what are their plans for this upcoming season? 

Since their home rink is located right in front of the Olympic Stadium, it was shut down during the Olympic season, and it was hard to arrange their practice place. Yet, they keep doing what they can do and try to do their best to prepare for the upcoming season. They hope the Worlds can take place. The goal is to be ranked in the top 10.