Season 21/22: New guidelines are out


Team Berlin 1 from Germany. (Credits: Navaz Sumar - 2018)

The International Skating Union (ISU) published the Synchronized Skating Guidelines for season 2021/22 with a few modifications.

Synchronized Skating Guidelines for the upcoming season 2021/22 are out (n° 2412).

A few changes have been made:

- Teams can now get a deduction for a "theatrical" makeup in the "Costume/prop violation" (Rule 951 para 1)

- In the "Interruption in excess", "if [the] second interruption [is] more than 40 seconds or [if the] program [is] not completed", the team will be withdrawn (Rule 965 para 4.b). Other changes have been made for "interruption prior to the program" (Rule 965 para 4.b)

Other slight changes have been made to the Technical Panel part, see the Technical Handbook for specific errors and deductions.

This communication replaces the ISU Communication 2318. See all details here!