The Helsinki Rockettes confirmed their lead in a thrilling event


The Helsinki Rockettes in their free program "Muses". (Credits: Kirsi Laine Photography - 2020)

On Sunday morning, the four ISU senior teams from Finland presented with emotions their free program in a competition specially organized by the Finnish Skating Association.

The joy was palpable in the athletes' eyes. The skaters wanted to skate, compete, and emotions could be felt, even from a distance, since the competition was certainly taking place in real life, but without spectators and broadcast thanks to a livestream.

One after the other, the teams were able to present their free skate one last time this season, the World Championships and other international events having been cancelled due to the pandemic.

Only the four senior teams participated in this special event organized by the Finnish Skating Association this weekend.

Showing its free program, the team Lumineers continued to impress by its improvement season after season.

The team from Espoo presented the performance called "The Resistance" and skated to the song "La Bella Ciao". The athletes skated it with power and confidence in dark costumes. The team received 127.76 points for this free program and 187.77 in total.

After removing a few objects (probably glitter) from the ice before the program, the sky darkened to give way to the Marigold IceUnity’s "Storm".

Dressed in purple and black dresses with a flash of lightning in the front, the team skated a very good program without any major error. They got 138.44 for the free skate and scored 209.13.

A few seconds before the program, the skaters of Team Unique clapped each other hands to wish each other good luck. The energy was at the highest point.

Then the athletes took the judges to the wonderful world of the "Garden of Eden". The performance was full of nuances and contrasts and was skated with confidence. Team Unique earned 140.28 for the free program and 215.96 points in total.

"Garden of Eden" by Team Unique. (Credits: Kirsi Laine Photography - 2020)

Finally, the Helsinki Rockettes performed their free program "Muses". Like its contenders, the team put on a powerful and clean performance.

As a reminder, the Helsinki Rockettes won the first national qualifiers in early November. This competition was ultimately the last competition of the season before this one due to the pandemic.

Kaisa Arrateig's team received 148.19 points for the free program, finished with a total of 226.07 and won the competition.

Even if the Senior ranking had not changed since the last national competition almost four months ago, the scores have improved a lot, and each of the teams has been able to present solid performances this weekend - the fruit of their hard work in recent months.

Despite the pandemic, restrictions and cancellations, the four senior teams, therefore, appear to be in great shape and ready to work hard to come back even better next season.

Results - TOP 3

Senior ISU special competition
Helsinki (FIN)
FEB 27, 2021 - FEB 28, 2021

TEAM Score
1Helsinki Rockettes (FIN)226.07
2Team Unique (FIN)215.96
3Marigold IceUnity (FIN)209.13