Third national competition and second live event for Italian synchro skaters


The Senior team Ice on Fire from Trento competed. (Credits: Ru-Pho-2021)

After months of uncertainty due to the pandemic outbreak, the Italian federation has finally allowed the return to regular competitions.

The third Italian national competition took place the past weekend in Trento. The competition was open to all synchro skating categories.

This event that followed strict guidelines to comply with the government’s Covid restrictions was an excellent opportunity for many teams to showcase their programs to a live panel of judges for the first time in the season.

ADV picture
No public was allowed in the ice rink. All participants had to wear a mask all the time, go through a temperature check, and fill out a health screening form. The skaters were given the choice to compete with their masks or leave them in dedicated spots near the barrier.

To assure there were no crowded spots, the organisers gave a few minutes more between the teams to avoid contact between athletes and staff. During the medal ceremony, only one athlete per team was allowed on the podium.

Senior ISU
Team Ice on Fire's Short Program "A woman can do everything". (Credits: Elisa Parini - 2021)

Only one team competed in the Senior division: Team Ice on Fire from Trento.

The team showed two very different programs. The short program was a mash-up of two songs: "Elizabeth" by Ashram and "Strength of a thousand men" from "Two Steps from Hell" soundtrack. The title of this performance was "A woman can do everything" and told the story of a group of Russian female aviators.

The free program was more romantic. Team Ice on Fire skated to "La terre vue du ciel" by Armand Amar, and the program's title was "The tale of the red tread".

The team Ice on Fire got a total of 161.39 points, achieving higher marks (+6 points) from the previous competition and a new season-best.

Junior Non-ISU
Team Ice on Fire Junior Non-ISU, Free Skating. (Credits: Elisa Parini - 2021)

Two teams competed in Junior Non-ISU division: Team Ladybirds from Milan and Team Ice on Fire from Trento.

The team Ice on Fire skated to the theme "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and collected a total of 56.96 points, getting their best score of the season.

Team Ladybirds debuted in their first live competition with an ethereal program on "Forrest Gump" soundtrack, earning the silver medal with 44.29 points and a new season-best.

Advanced Novice
This division also had two participating teams, the Laybirds from Milan and Team Hot Shivers from Sesto San Giovanni (Mi).

Team Ladybirds skated their new program to a powerful mix of two music, "La Cumparsita" and "My sexy tango". They got the silver medal with 46.82 points.

Team Hot Shivers maintained their program from last year, a medley from "Mary Poppins Returns". Skating with a bit of "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious-ness", the won the segment with 68.59 points.

Basic Novice
Six teams competed in this category: Team Hot Shivers from Sesto San Giovanni (Mi), Team Ladybirds from Milan, Team Ice Sparkles from Aosta, Team Ice On Fire from Trento, Team Ice Breakers from San Donato Milanese (Mi), and Team Shining Blades from Milan.

Some teams chose to keep their program from last year and tried to improve them, while other preferred to present new ones. For this division, this competition was the first live debut of the season, all skaters were excited to finally be able to show their programs to a live panel of judges.

Basic Novice Podium (Credits: Elisa Parini - 2021)

The victory went to Team Hot Shivers, who skated on the soundtrack of the film "Tangled" and won the gold with 43.55 points. Presenting a "Mary Poppins" themed free skate, Team Shining Blades ranked second with 34.96 points, and Team Ice Sparkles took the bronze medal skating to "Steps from the highlands" by Erich Kunzel (32.43 points).

Team Ladybirds transformed themselves in "Wood Witches" by playing with potions and invisibility. This energetic young team finished fourth with 27.57 points. Finally, Team Ice On Fire skated to a mix of the "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" and earned 24.43 points. Team Ice Breakers presented a French-themed program called "Under Paris Skies", and they collected 24.23 points.

Mixed Age
Team Frost Fairies - Free Skating. (Credits: Elisa Parini - 2021)

Four teams competed in the Mixed Age division. Team Frost Fairies took home the gold by skating an emotional program to "Trooping With Crows" by Abel Korzeniowski, from the movie "Romeo and Juliet", with 48.84 points. Team Shining Blades earned 41.14 points and the silver medal. They skated a dramatic themed program to the song "Dance for me Wallis" by Abel Korzeniowski. 

Team Ladybirds took the bronze title with 33.95 points after a medley's performance from the motion picture "Who Framed Roger Rabbit". Jessica Rabbit inspired the program: "I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way". Team Ice Dolls skated to music pieces from "Le Moulin Rouge", "El tango de Roxanne" and "Come what may", earning 28.74 points.

For Team Ladybirds, that was the first competition in the Mixed Age category, and they presented an energetic performance.

In the Juvenile division, three teams competed.

Team Ice Sparkles from Aosta skated to the song "Try everything" from the Disney movie Zootopia and earned a total of 23.44 points, taking home the gold.

Team Ice on Fire from Trento presented a program to the songs "Fate And Destiny" by Patrick Doyle and "Touch the Sky" by Julie Fowlis. Those come from "The Brave" soundtrack. They got the silver medal with 18.44 points.

Competing for the first time, Team Ladybirds from Milan presented a cheerful program inspired by the carnival Samba! They earned an encouraging bronze medal with a score of 17.23 points.

Appreciate the simple things
All teams were excited and grateful for the opportunity to skate in front of a live panel of judges. This was the first live competition, for most of them, in ten months. After these months of uncertainty, it was like new energy for the athletes, coaches and everyone involved in our discipline. 

Of course, the teams are hopeful that this won't be the last time they can compete in person and that the season can end almost normally. They will continue to work hard and improve for the next competitions, whether live or virtual. 

Results - TOP 3

3rd Gara Nazionale 2021
Trento (ITA)
FEB 14, 2021 - FEB 14, 2021

TEAM Score
1Ice on Fire (ITA)161.39

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Hot Shivers Novice (ITA)68.59
2Ladybirds (ITA)46.82

Junior B
TEAM Score
1Ice on Fire (ITA)56.96
2Ladybirds (ITA)44.29

Mixed Age
TEAM Score
1Frost Fairies (ITA)48.84
2Shining Blades (ITA)41.14
3Ladybirds (ITA)33.95