After nearly a year Italian teams competed in a live event


Team Hot Shivers Senior (Credits: Giuseppe Bodrone / jundl PHOTOGRAPHY - 2021)

For the first time, after the pandemic outbreak, the Italian Junior and Senior teams had the chance to show their programs in a live competition held in Trento on Sunday. Team Hot Shivers won in both divisions.

On January 31st, Team Ice on Fire Senior, Team Shining Blades Junior and Team Hot Shivers Junior and Senior participated in the first stage of the "Gran Premio Italia", a competition for both synchronized skating and single skating organized by the Italian Federation FISG.

This competition was a very important occasion because, after nearly a year, the Italian teams had the chance to skate and compete against each other in a "live event".

The teams skated both their programs in one day, the short programs in the morning and the free skating in the afternoon, to reduce the contacts between all the participants.

The rules were very strict in order to guarantee the safety of both the athletes and the staff. No public was allowed and all the skaters were tested for Covid-19 a couple of days before the competition. Moreover, everyone had to always wear a mask inside the rink.

"We decided to keep our masks even when we were skating our programs as a precaution" said Team Hot Shivers from Milan.

Team Ice on Fire Senior (Credits: Giuseppe Bodrone / jundl PHOTOGRAPHY - 2021)

Although all these difficulties and restrictions, all the teams were very enthusiastic for this event. "We were a bit nervous, but it felt amazing to be able to compete again in a normal competition," said Team Ice on Fire.

"We are so grateful that we had this chance. We missed competing so much!" added Team Hot Shivers. "Our city, Milan, was heavily affected by the pandemic, so all these difficulties made us decide to keep our programs from last season".

In the short program event, Team Hot Shivers skated on "The Greatest Showman" soundtrack and took the lead with 40.06 points; while Team Shining Blades earned 22.47 points with their program to the song "Dance for me Wallis" by Abel Korzeniowski.

Team Hot Shivers Junior (Credits: Giuseppe Bodrone / jundl PHOTOGRAPHY - 2021)

In the afternoon, the competition continued with the free skating event. Team Hot Shivers presented a very energetic and engaging program on "The Lion King" soundtrack, earning 83.27 points and won the competition with a total of 123.33 points.

Team Shining Blades skated an emotional program to the song "Adagio" by Tommaso Albinoni and ranked second with 47.17 points and a total of 69.64 points.

Team Shining Blades Junior (Credits: Giuseppe Bodrone / jundl PHOTOGRAPHY - 2021)

In the Senior division, the competition was very tight!

During the short program event, Team Ice on Fire skated a powerful program on a mush-up of two songs: "Elizabeth" by Ashram and "Strength of thousand men" from "Two Steps from Hell" soundtrack. The team took the lead with 54.42 points.

Team Hot Shivers, instead, presented a very elegant and smooth program skating to the song "Nelle tue mani" by Andrea Bocelli and earned 54.28 points.

Team Ice on Fire Senior (Credits: Giuseppe Bodrone / jundl PHOTOGRAPHY - 2021)

With such a small difference after the short program, the free program event was crucial!

Team Ice on Fire earned 102.46 points in the free skating with their elegant and emotional program "The tale of the red tread" and obtained a total of 156.88 points. Unfortunately, that wasn't enough for the first place!

Team Hot Shivers, in fact, performed a very clear, precise and dreamy program on the movie "Up" soundtrack and, with 104.33 points in the free skating and a total of 158.61 points, won the gold medal.

Team Hot Shivers Senior (Credits: Giuseppe Bodrone / jundl PHOTOGRAPHY - 2021)

Despite all the restrictions, all teams were very happy to participate in a "live competition" after such a long time.

"Competing in this event gave us a sense of normalcy that we haven't felt for a while," said Team Shining Blades.

"It was amazing, we all hope that we will be able to compete again very soon at the second stage of the Gran Premio Italia at the end of February," added Team Ice on Fire.

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Results - TOP 3

First stage of the Italian Grand Prix 2021
Trento (ITA)
JAN 31, 2021 - JAN 31, 2021

TEAM Score
1Hot Shivers Senior (ITA)158.61
2Ice on Fire (ITA)156.88

TEAM Score
1Hot Shivers Junior (ITA)123.33
2Shining Blades (ITA)69.64