Russian Nationals: Paradise and Crystal Ice Junior lead after short programs


The team Paradise during their short program (Credits: Olga Timohova - 2021)

On January 27, the Russian Nationals 2021 began in Saransk. The first competition day is always vibrant and spectacular. This year, two new teams compete for the first time, the junior Yamal and the senior Yenisei, and the junior team Aquamarine from Omsk entered the top 5.

The Junior teams opened the competitions and presented short programs.

The team Sunrise-1 from St. Petersburg entered the ice first. The athletes performed to musical compositions from "The Losers"; however, the program's idea was different from the film's plot. The girls appeared in the image of dolls from a forgotten box, which was still opened years later. Sunrise-1 skated confidently and cleanly. Perfectly synchronized twizzles with a difficult leg position, equal distance between the athletes, precise forms of the elements – these are just some of the highlights of the successful performance of Sunrise-1. The team scored 72, 89 points, immediately setting a high bar for these competitions.

Sunrise-1 during their short program (Credits: Olga Timohova - 2021)

This year, the team Idel from Kazan looks like "Cheerleaders" in its short program. The famous song "It's raining men" perfectly emphasised the athletes' dynamism. The audience with delight once again greeted the program. However, the loss of technical levels in some elements has probably affected the result. Idel got 68.33 points, letting themselves be overtaken by their rivals from St. Petersburg.

The team Crystal Ice Junior from Moscow, silver medalists of the World Junior Synchronized Skating Championships 2019 and bronze in 2020, boldly took to the ice. The clarity and sharpness of movements and full emotional involvement helped the team get high scores for the technical part of the program and the components. Crystal Ice Junior confidently took the lead (75.20).

Crystal Ice Junior perform the short program (Credits: Olga Timohova - 2021)

Then it was the turn for the Yekaterinburg team Junost, three-time World Junior Champions and silver medalists-2020. The team slid smoothly to Anthony Hopkins' waltz with beautiful transitions between the elements merged into a single stream that captured the audience's attention. However, during the whip intersection, one of the skaters offensively fell, which did not allow Junost to take the leading position.

Junost perform their Anthony Hopkins' waltz short program. (Credits: Olga Timohova - 2021)

The first starting number was drawn by the Kazan team Tatarstan, bronze medalists of the Universiade 2019 in Krasnoyarsk and multiple silver medalists of the Russian Nationals. They confidently began their short program to the music from the rock opera "Jesus Christ Superstar", but during the angled intersection, one of the most challenging elements of synchronised skating, they fell. This mistake did not spoil the impression of a spectacular performance but affected the judges' and technical scores (67.39).

Tatarstan in the end of their program (Credits: Olga Timohova - 2021) 

Representatives of the St. Petersburg school of Figure Skating, three-time World Champions team Paradise demonstrated outstanding performance in the short program – the famous tango "Por una cabeza". Many judges once again appreciated Paradise and gave them the highest points: 10.00 for components and +5 for GOE (80,13).

The team Crystal Ice Senior from Moscow, bronze medalists of the Russian Nationals 2019-2020, completed the competitions' first day, surprising the fans. The clean performing of their "Alpha and Omega" allowed the athletes to take the second place after the short program (76.13), almost 10 points ahead of Tatarstan.

This breakthrough may open the way for Crystal Ice Senior to the Worlds, which is for the moment still scheduled to take place on April 8-10, 2021 in Zagreb, Croatia. Recall that it is the Russian Nationals that determines the two strongest teams to defend the country's honour. 

Crystal Ice Senior during the short program (Credits: Olga Timohova - 2021)

On January 28, 2021, the teams will present their free programs.

Stay tuned on Jura Synchro! 

Results - TOP 3

Russian National Championships 2021
Saransk (RUS)
JAN 27, 2021 - JAN 28, 2021

TEAM Score
1Junost (RUS)216.64
2Crystal Ice (RUS)210.18
3Sunrise 1 (RUS)209.02

TEAM Score
1Team Paradise (RUS)238.26
2Crystal Ice (RUS)221.66
3Team Tatarstan (RUS)212.27