Competition season gets underway in Spain


Team Fusion performs their free program at the Madrid Championships. (Credits: Pedro Seguí - 2020)

Last weekend, Spanish synchronized skaters kicked-off their season at the Madrid Championships. The competition, which followed strict guidelines in order to comply with the government’s Covid restrictions, was a good opportunity for teams to showcase their programs to a live panel of judges for the first time in the season.

The 2020 Madrid Championships took place at the Valdemoro ice rink on Saturday and Sunday, and welcomed Novice, Junior, and Senior skaters from all disciplines. Although in previous years this competition featured synchro teams from four different categories, this year only Team Fusion (Senior) and Team Mirum (Junior) were ready to compete.

Due to the pandemic, the competition was organized in compliance with current Covid regulations to ensure everyone’s safety. Skaters were required to wear masks at all times (including on the ice), go through a temperature check, and fill out a health screening form. In addition, all warm up had to be done outdoors, and audience capacity was limited to 10 people.

Another difference from previous years is that teams skated both their short and long programs on Saturday morning to avoid contact between synchronized skaters and skaters in other disciplines. Also, teams did not wait for their scores in the kiss and cry, and a few minutes were left between the time one team left the ice and the next one entered it to avoid contact between teams. 

Team Mirum skates their new Mulan short program. (Credits: Pedro Seguí - 2020)

Senior and Junior programs
In the Senior category, Team Fusion presented improved versions of their programs from last season. They skated their short program to the music California Dreamin’ by Sia, which included a new pivoting block and circle. They presented an energetic free program to Queen’s Under Pressure.

In the Junior category, Team Mirum showcased their powerful new short program to the soundtrack of the new Mulan film. They decided to keep last season’s Jungle Book free program since they were not able to perform it at Junior Worlds. Team Mirum’s captain, Paula Escribano, mentioned that “the team was very excited and eager to skate it again after we were forced to withdraw from Junior Worlds due to the health situation in our country”.

Team Fusion's short program. (Credits: Pedro Seguí - 2020)

“It’s given us a lot of strength to keep going forward and improving”
Both teams were excited and grateful for the opportunity to skate in front of a live panel of judges and audience. “The Madrid Championships was our first competition in nine months, and it’s given us a lot of strength to keep going forward and improving”, said Paula Escribano. “We were a little disappointed with the cancellation of most international competitions and the 2021 Junior Worlds, but it was a good feeling to skate both programs [at the Madrid Championships] even though we still have a lot of things to work on”.

Both teams are planning on participating in virtual competitions, and they hope the Madrid Championships are not the last time they get to compete in-person. “We will keep working hard and hope everything will be back to normal as soon as possible”.

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