90 teams for the first-ever synchro virtual competition!


2020 Porter Classic is the first "virtual synchro event"

After two days dedicated to the analysis of elements, Sunday was devoted to the virtual competition of the 2020 Porter Classic Pandemonium with the presentation of the complete programs. Teams and judges filming themselves from home, the event is historic!

The teams had to send their filmed program without cuts and respecting certain conditions (light, height, etc.) to take part in this first international virtual synchronized skating competition.

90 teams from 9 different countries participated in the event!

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The event started with the categories bringing together the youngest skaters: Synchro Skills 1 & 2 (nine teams), Preliminaries (six teams) and Juveniles (six teams) coming mainly from the United States.

Later in the day, Pre-Juvenile, Open Juvenile, but also Adult, Masters and Collegiate teams also participated in the virtual event.

Intermediate A & B
Team Image (66.94) skated a powerful program to a Lady Gaga medley. With 66.94 points, it was the best score in the Intermediate A category which had six teams. Intensity Intermediate (61.01) presented a clean program in red dresses. Cleveland Ice Storm skated a pirate-themed program (59.65). Northenettes performed with precision and got 58.04. Dressed in green dresses, California Gold performed a fairy program and Team Delaware skated a program to the famous song "The Greatest Show".

Six U.S. teams competed virtually in the Intermediate B division.

Capital Ice Chips from Bismarck, North Dakota finished first with a huge total score of 84.92 points. Team Excel from Boston received 64.19 points for their energetic program. Half of the team Wisconsin Inspire was dressed in red, the other half in blue to present their program "Everybody Dance Now" that brought them 58.77 points. Representing Ann Arbor, Hockettes dressed in grey came fourth (54.71), Chiller Synchro from Central Ohio scored 41.54, and CP Ice from New York presented a positive program to the song "Here comes the sun" (41.01). 

Junior Short Program
With 12 teams from all over the world. The junior competition was one of the most exciting events.

The Finnish team Dream Edges did the best score (67.50 points) by presenting the video of their short program "Rubik's Cube". The program, performed to a Hungarian dance, amazed the virtual jury.

Lexettes (USA) did not disappoint synchro fans either. The team presented a very nice program to the song "Makeba" by Jain in very colourful dresses. The energy and choreography of the team brought them 61.12 points.

In third place, Team Image (USA) who skated a program full of passion (59.48), closely followed by the Hockettes (USA) performing in elegant red dresses (58.11).

The Northernettes (USA) skated to the song "Can't hold us" and totalled 51.07 points. Team Saint-Louis Synergy, also from the United States, gave fans in front of their computers goosebumps thanks to their program "Hallelujah" (49,84).

Ice Fire from Poland collected 41.16 points, and the Starlight team from Switzerland presented their new short program in blue dresses and scored 38.30 points.

The competition was pretty tight afterwards as the Winsconsin Inspire team (USA) obtained 36.4 points, Cleveland Ice Storm (USA) received 34.36 points for its program on "Into the Unknown", Le Soleil of Poland has finished with 32.11 points and the Australian team Iceskateers got 30.53 points.

Senior short program
Two senior teams have sent videos of their short program to receive feedback from the technical panel. Team Ice On Fire from Italy earned 45.99 points for their program skated in shiny black dresses. Starlight Elite from Switzerland presented its new short program and got 41.11 points. The music of their short program is an instrumental version of the film "Beauty and the Beast". 

Team Image (USA) claimed the "virtual" gold medal in the Novice division (79.80). The scores are then very tight between the following three U.S. teams. Saint Louis Synergy finished second scoring a total of 66.55 points. Hockettes from Ann Arbor FSC earned the bronze medal with 64.51 points and the Northernettes, representing Twin Cities, MN, got 62.27 points.

Team Harmony from Sweden presented virtually their new program "Harmony for the future" and received 59 points. Team Delaware (USA) is not far behind (56.76).

Junior free program
For the junior free programs, twelve teams competed by video.

Once again, the Dream Edges team from Kaarina, Finland took the gold medal with 123.77 points. Their program called "Dove - the symbol of peace" touched the hearts of judges and probably fans too.

Another team presented both delicate and touching program: the Lexettes (USA) who finished with the silver medal. The team skated to Lauren Daigle's song "Rescue" in blue-green dresses (with hair down) for a score of 111.20 points.

Dressed in elegant blue dresses, Team Image (USA) finished third with 103.71 points. 5th in the short program, the Northernettes stood in 4th place in the free program with their program skated brilliantly on the title "One" of Cinematic Pop. The Hockettes received a total of 94.27 points thanks to their Hawaiian themed program.

With a few tenths of a difference, Saint Louis Synergy (USA) and the team Ice Fire from Poland are perhaps very far away geographically but were able to deliver a great competition. Both teams presented a rather dark program. The Polish team has also kept their dresses from last year with the wings on the back.

Team Delaware finished 8th in this virtual event. The U.S. team earned 74.13 points for its very girly program going from "Lady Marmelade" to Katy Perry. Wisconsin Inspire ranked 9th (67.62 points) following a program to Edith Piaf, Cleveland Ice Storm obtained 63.07 points for its Star Wars program, Iceskateers Elite from Australia received 61.73 points for their performance in their green and black dresses, and Team Le Soleil (POL) finished with 56.75 points.

Senior free program
Two senior teams presented their long program.

Team Ice on Fire from Italy skated in new pink dresses. In its large ice rink, the team performed a controlled program with, however, an error on one of the lifts and a fall. The team obtained 85.3 points.

The second team was California Gold (USA). In red and black costumes, the team performed "Space, the Final Frontier" and totalled 79.73 points.

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