Jura Synchro

Film and send the video of your program


(Credits photo: Roy Ng Photography)

As on-site competitions are becoming increasingly rare this season, Jura Synchro invites you to present your programs on its YouTube channel. Participate now by sending your videos!

Jura Synchro is preparing new features on its YouTube channel. From January 2021, new shows with entirely new concepts will be offered to you. But that's still a surprise!

At the same time, we still want to offer you synchronized skating program videos, as Jura Synchro usually does every season. Your team can be involved!

You may have already bumped into the Jura Synchro teams during a competition. With their cameras, the teams seek to capture the best moments of your programs. It was easy to report the best performances and the best moments... before the virus arrived.

In recent months, many events have been canceled due to the COVID-19 situation. However, at Jura Synchro, we still want to share the fruit of your work with fans around the world. This season, you can send us your videos by yourself!

No scores, no rankings... It's just an opportunity of presenting your best program through the Jura Synchro YouTube channel.

No deadline to send us your program. With ice restrictions, quarantines and virtual training, you have until the end of the season to send us your best video!

How to proceed?
To send us your video, that's easy:

- You can send us the video directly through a service like "WeTransfer" 

- Or contact Jura Synchro by email (info@jurasynchro.com)

Of course, videos submitted to Jura Synchro must be copyright free. They were therefore filmed by yourself or by someone who grants you the right to share them with the network.

We can't wait to see what you have prepared!