Crystal Ice cracks 220 points to take Senior's competition


The team Crystal Ice Senior execute their short program (Credits: The Figure Skating Federation of Sverdlovsk region - 2020)

The 2nd stage of the Russian Cup and the Open Cup of the Urals took place in Ekaterinburg a few days ago. Previously this competition was held in Novouralsk, but the event was moved to the capital of the Urals.

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Five senior teams were supposed to perform. However, for obvious reason, the team Paradise from Saint-Petersburg and a new senior team Yenisei from Krasnoyarsk, wasn’t able to travel.

The competitions were very bright but stressful for supporters. As the audience was prohibited in the ice palace, the fans could support their favorite teams by looking at the computer screens. The online broadcast was organized. By the way, this was the first synchronized skating event in Russia accompanied by a commentator. Thanks to that, everybody could feel the unique atmosphere of competitions. 

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The competition between senior teams was a real struggle.

The first team on the ice was team Tatarstan from Kazan. This year, this is the only team that managed to create two new programs. Their short program to the music from the rock-opera “Jesus Christ Superstar” has started well, but then two skaters fell during the No hold Element and the Intersection. Those offensive mistakes didn’t spoil the performance but affected judges’ and technical scores.

The team Crystal Ice Senior from Moscow presented a confident and clean performance. They skated their “Alpha and Omega” at a good technical and emotional level. After the short program (76,60 points), the scores were over 8 points higher than that for Tatarstan (67,78 points).

The team Orlenok from Perm also didn’t avoid the deductions. The team executed an illegal element and lost 2 points. They got 36,89 points and took 3rd place after the first day. 

The team Orlenok perform their short program (Credits: The Figure Skating Federation of Sverdlovsk region - 2020) 

The senior free programs were very exciting.

The team Crystal Ice Senior was ready to present for the first time its new free program to the music from the film “Kill Bill”. The interesting program with lots of creative details fitted perfectly into the team’s style. However, during one of the transitions, a skater lost control and fell.

The team Tatarstan was the last team on the ice. They transmitted the image of the Amazon warriors and did it masterfully. After the second day, they beat the Muscovites by 5 points, but this wasn’t enough for the lead.

Crystal Ice Senior took first place (220,34 points), the silver was for Tatarstan (215,19) and team Orlenok finished third (114,14 points). 

The competitions between junior teams were intense.

Junost from Ekaterinburg took first place after the short program. Their new short program to the "Anthony Hopkins" waltz presented no noticeable mistakes and got many positive responses from the judges (75,83).

The team Crystal Ice Junior from Moscow also decided to change its short program. The coaches created a new program inspired by the film "Paganini: the devil's Violinist". The skaters performed well with traditionally precise, sharp but esthetic movements. Their scores (73,21) were less than 3 points lower than that for Junost and they were preparing for a «rematch».

Idel from Kazan took third place after the short programs. With their program "Cheerleaders" to a famous song of The Weather Girls “It’s raining men”, they almost made the whole ice rink dance. 

The team Junost during their new short program (Credits: The Figure Skating Federation of Sverdlovsk region - 2020)

The second day didn’t change the situation, although the scores were very close too.

The team Junost made a mistake in one of the intersections. The other elements of their free program “Scheherazade” were very well executed. Besides, the skaters performed very emotionally and were fully involved in the program.

The Moscow team Crystal Ice Junior performed their famous program “India” brightly and temperamentally. Their performance allowed them to beat team Junost in the free program, but only by 2 hundredths of a point.

With a total score of 212,69 points, Junost won the junior competition. The second place went to Crystal Ice Junior with 210,10 points and the third was Idel who skated their “Chicago” program with passion and great pleasure, scoring 187,82 points totally. 

Advanced Novices
The novice competition surprised everyone.

For the first time, the Open Cup of the Urals was won by the team Ice Fantasy from Moscow. They got 76,67 points and beat their rivals due to good components.

Team Junost Novice 1 from Ekaterinburg skated nicely. They did the best technical score but had a fall. The final score (74,67 points) was 2 points less than that of their Moscow rivals. 

Team Kazanochka from Kazan claimed the bronze medal with 72,63 points. 

The winners of the senior competitions with the officials (Credits: The Figure Skating Federation of Sverdlovsk region - 2020)

The 2nd stage of the Russian Cup was a real delight for the synchronized skating community in Russia. It was the first serious competition of the season for most teams, so the event was eagerly awaited.

The next stage will take place in Togliatti this December, so we’re looking forward to enjoying Russian teams’ performances again.